One last summer swim? Thanks Hermine!

Does it seem like the storms of late pack more of a punch?

It certainly did yesterday morning when the power went out and the rain poured from the sky. Forming lakes and rivers throughout the yard.

I’ve seen a lot of rain in my time, yes even several hurricanes, but this was something else. It was fast. It was furious. It was small and mighty.

When the rains and tornados moved out. The floods remained.

Bottom of our street.

Across the street from the bottom of our street. I’ve never seen water there before. Now, there is brown water river rafting.

The next street over from our house.

I felt very confident of our location. On a hill. Lucky us, until….

Sydney tells us there is water in her room. On the floor. Basically, under all her items we just moved and have not unpacked. Including piles of clothes on the floor. Aye yi yi.

It was a lot worse than I expected. Half the room was soaked. The water line on items went up as high as two inches.

The fast moving water down the hill rose enough above the foundation to take a little side splash into our house. Whoa!

Drying the carpet and hoping it dries well. Most homeowners insurance doesn’t cover flooding. And not sure if you are aware of our wedding expense coming up? Yeah, that one; 10-10-10. So dollars are few and far between for new carpet, but since my daughter and I are severly allergic to mold, we may have no choice.

It could have been worse. At least it was only half a room and not the whole house. At least her new furniture hadn’t been delivered yet, and most everything was in plastic tubs. A saving grace for sure.

Good-bye Hermine! Texas will not miss you.

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18 thoughts on “One last summer swim? Thanks Hermine!

  1. I have been through a flood like that! UGH! I woke up one morning after a series of tornadoes came through Atlanta the night before. I stepped out of bed into several inches of Georgia red MUD on my white carpet!

    I am seriously allergic to mold, also. What a mess you have! I am soooo sorry!


  2. Lori Fincher

    Hey Ange. What a mess. We are in Dallas now too (leaving today) but what a LOT of wet. I am so sorry about your home being flooded. I hope it is drying out and there is NO rain today. We were on our way back to the hotel yesterday and I saw the tornado. We had been driving around in that area (enjoying D’s new car) like 10 minutes before. I am sad for the damage, but thankful it was no more than a small area. Praying for sun and dryness for ya’ll. HUGS!! :O))


  3. Oh Angelina

    I’m so sorry you got hit hard by the storms. As for insurance speaking from experience if the cost of the damage is above your insurance minimum and is due to an actual problem with the house letting the weather in then you might be lucky. It is always worth getting an assessor out but after the last two days expect a long wait.

    The rain yesterday was quite amazing, it took me half an hour to drive the usual 5 minute route to preschool with Mirabelle and my car was aqua planing at one point which was very scary, I completely lost control. Last night the tornado sirens were wailing too but thankfully there were no touchdowns near us.


  4. Yogasavy

    The rain can be weird but can be a blessing in a way…. Wrote something on rain! This is the second time you and I have been on the same thought pattern….
    Here in India it is the monsoon and when it rains the whole city comes to a standstill.


  5. Hermine? Where have I been? I sure didn’t know anything about this one.
    Like everyone else, and you, too, I’m sorry this has happened. How ’bout this? Take it as a sign to slow down, take a deep breath, and know there’s a way to recover from everything. I know, I know. Saying it could be worse doesn’t help. It could have been a faulty air conditioner like we had last spring. On top of the flooded closet and hall way, we had the expense of replacing the AC unit. But, we’re so dry over here that we’re to the point of wishing for something like that. What’s worse, I wonder?
    Oh. I’ve got lots of extra towels. Wish I could just pop over and help out.
    Love, love,


  6. It was pretty bad, wasn’t it? I was surprised! It just poured all night/day/night here. Everything was beyond saturated.

    So sorry you have to deal with a flooded room, but you’re RIGHT… it could’ve been much worse. Thank God it wasn’t!


  7. suzicate

    Wow, that really stinks about the mess, sorry. I hope it dries well. If you use a carpet cleaner on the vacuum mode, it works even better than a wet vac, and put fans and dry out the flooring as well as the carpet and padding seperately. We had a hot water heater burst once, and watched what the clean up company did! We did replace the padding and carpet because they were old…but we helped a neighbor clean up after the washing machine leaked and didn’t have to replace anything. good luck!


  8. Oh, no! Who’d have thought of flooding on a hill–at a time like this. You just never know what could be around the corner.

    Sounds like you’re taking it all in stride, though. Sure hope it all dries out, and you don’t have to dish out any more cash. 🙂


  9. Thats so horrible! I saw on the news that Six Flags was flooded too! Some of our coasters had the tracks washed out?? oh no! lol

    We’ll hopefully be driving through that area on Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Maybe we can stop and meet you for lunch. I know its a workday but just throwing it out there. =)


  10. Melanie Stettler Kircus

    What a mess! One thing I learned in our last “flood” (hot water tank went out, flooding our living area and going under the water into another living area), you have to be really careful to make sure the wall(s) dry out properly, too. Or, you’ll end up with mold in your walls. We had a company come out that perforated our walls (looked like tiny pin pricks all along the bottom of the wall) and left these huge fans for like a week to make sure everything was dry. Just a thought. I never knew about that before we had it happen to us.

    congrats on the upcoming wedding… can’t wait to see pictures!


  11. Sorry about the mess but like you said… could have been worse! At least it’s replaceable itmes (even though I know the cost is a factor right now) and not your house or vehicles or a person.

    A month and counting….WHEW!


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