I Shoudn’t be Alive: The Narcissistic Praying Mantis

She lives for the mirror. Her quest is to find one at any cost. When she sees one, she can’t resist – HERself. She primps and shines in all her glory. That is how we came to meet our new car totem, affectionately known as “Little M”.

What can I say? She’s a good-looking gal and she knows it. What she doesn’t know….. Her mirror will become a hellish stargate transporting her to a new destination out of her realm. Hopefully, a more abundant place. Certainly closer to more parks (and more prey? or mirrors?). That is, if she can survive the ride. An intensely horrific journey taking her to the edge of her bugmanity. Forty-five mile per hour gale-force winds. Jarring bumps – stops and starts – masses of passing metal vortex carriers streaking by. She has the option of jumping off, ensuring certain unpleasant death by windshield, or maybe just some severe road burn (if she is lucky).

We watch our new pet and pray (heh) she manages to forgo the splat. Her tail quivers, her legs strain, and she draws gasps as she changes positions to the top of the mirror.

*Warning, this video may contain disturbing images.*

But she hangs on, willing self-to-self through the glass to go the distance – a terror-filled, limb clinging six miles. And she does it.

Amazingly, her ride ends with her eyes and feelers intact. She shouldn’t be alive, but she is.

Welcome home Little M, welcome home.

On a side note, there is a lot of superstition about the praying mantis. Some believe seeing a praying mantis is a sign of good fortune. In Africa, this creature is worshiped as a God. The praying mantis – preys on other insects and therefore considered a good pest and also where the name preying mantis comes from. It’s not just what the mantis does either, it’s their prayer-like stance that seems to contradict their cannibalism (or maybe they are just thankful for their food).

Other symbols used to describe attributes of the mantis – stillness, awareness, creativity, patience, mindfulness, calmness, balance, and intuition. Maybe she was a “sign” to stay calm and focused in the last 30 days before the wedding. Maybe, she was just along for the ride. Maybe, she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or maybe…..she is truly a story of survival.

No matter what you believe, they are interesting creatures to say the least. I am continually amazed by God’s incredible wonders, great and small. And? I am just happy she will do the dirty work of munching on some unwanted pests. Thanks for the escort M! Enjoy the new digs.

17 thoughts on “I Shoudn’t be Alive: The Narcissistic Praying Mantis

  1. What a wonderful way with words you have–but, I can’t believe you didn’t bring her inside for the ride! How horrific it would have been to see her go sailing off, or worse… shudder.

    I do love a happy ending, though–so glad she’s none the worse for wear. 🙂


  2. I have only seen a few of these in my life. They do bring an air of mystery and romance to the day.

    I remember vividly seeing one as a kid for the first time. It was the summer and it was crawling up the side of the school. Some kids were throwing stuff at it. Other kids were screaming at those kids, saying it was against the law. The scene plays out as vividly today as it did then. And boy did I learn a ton as I always did when I went on an adventure.

    Ahh, I feel a blog post forming. Thanks!


  3. Connecticut’s State Insect! I love this post – the writing, the photos, and the video! “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear” – imagine what flashed through Miss M’s mind on that ride. She certainly symbolized patience, calmness and balance for herself. Brave little (big?) Miss M.


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