I partied with Chuck E!

We had a great time.

Until he followed me home.

Imagine my surprise, while looking for a mysterious lost bag from Michael’s in the laundry room. Intently foraging a corner of linens and giveaway clothes. I lifted up a stack of folded clothes to look under it – out FLEW a gray furry body. Super man style. He long jumped half the room landed on two feet skittering sideways as he rounded the corner of the dryer before I could even start to think about screaming. It wasn’t really a scream, more of a – oh, oh, oh – “Ewww!!”

The terminator; aka, Jason went in said room and shut the door. Chuck E’s days were numbered. I swear if only I had a picture of his face. It truly was the one with the music. Dun, dun, dundun. Dun, dun, dun, dundun. After much banging around, where I fretted over Jason’s safety (heh). He came out empty-handed. Chuck E was too sly. It wasn’t his first party.

But Operation Mouse Trap began, as we found “evidence” here and there of little Chuck E Jr’s. Their drug of choice? Calcium Chocolate chews. I kid you not. We found four half eaten calcium chews. Those are some bootylicious rodents.

My Sunday was spent unpacking the boxes in the kitchen, you know? The ones with the irresistible calcium chews. We did set traps. We cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. After cleaning all day, I sit down in the recliner and guess what show comes on? Hoarders. I had not seen that show before. I did not miss the irony (I swear we are NOT like that – not even close).

And just because I don’t want to post about cute furry friends without including my favorite non-pests.

My big girl Salem turned eight years old on Friday.

Happy Birthday gorgeous! Next time, don’t invite Chuck E, mkay?

And just because she is so dang cute! I can’t resist a pet and snuggle every time I see her wittle face. Just wook at it. Lol.

A puppy named Brownie.

Coming soon…. a new CAT! Haha.

Happy Monday!

15 thoughts on “I partied with Chuck E!

  1. This is why I have cats. Living in the country, mice are an unavoidable nuisance. But the cats keep them under control. Two weeks ago Molly found a snake in the pantry! I’d so rather have mice!



  2. Omg a snake in Spot’s pantry. That’s one of my favorite things about Hawaii, no snakes.
    There are feral cats around here so it’s been years since I’ve seen a mouse.
    I feel your ‘ewww.’


  3. sydney

    I was getting ready in the bathroom this morning. I heard scratchy noises. Like the ones Salem makes when shes itching and her claws scrape the carpet. Well, no! I look and see a brown furry body SCURRY around the corner of the hallway! A long tail! EW


  4. We have packrats in our back yard. We catch them, and carry them out into the desert and let them go. Then another family moves in.

    It wasn’t too bad when we first got here. They would collect Precious’ poop and stash it in the pool pump house. One year, though, we went on a two week trip to Canada, and left Precious with her pal a few streets away.

    When we got home, Rod went out to clean the pool filters. He opened the pumphouse and on the top of the pump was a white animal skull. He felt it was a warning from the packrats to not go away again, because they needed that poop for their collection.


  5. If they didn’t leave such a gross mess I wouldn’t mind sharing with them.

    When we moved in there was a lot of land around us, now it is all built on except for the creek. The poor things have no where to go. It that actually a picture of it? If so that is a BEAUTIFUL mouse.

    And your dogs are all gorgeous!


  6. ha! this reminds me of the time I was doing my DVD workout in the family room. Out jumps a mouse from under the TV stand. He was that “noise” we kept hearing in the kitchen for weeks. We threw him outside and our cat swallowed him whole. Then the cat threw him up… whole (yet dead).


  7. LOL! I was just on the phone with bf and all of a sudden I hear a scream and a thump. Long story short I got tossed at a mouse that come out from under her couch! LOL!

    Having two cats must be making the mice smart and not come visiting here!


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