Jeeper Creeper

Don’t let the pretty twin coppers fool you.

My dog Anna (half greyhound/half ??) isn’t just a pretty face. She is a creeper.

She likes to watch. And she watches………………………..everything.

The yard.



The neighborhood.

I noticed her creepy behavior at the duplex. All she would do is stare out the window, so much so, the blinds fell apart where her pokey nose kept looking. And she couldn’t resist. She couldn’t not creep. It’s her thing.

I won’t sugar coat it, she has issues. Maybe she thinks someone is watching her? Maybe she is just the best watchdog on the planet? Maybe she is just so scared she watches her own back? Constantly. And she is not just a creeper, but a barker. She barks at everything she sees that creeps her out. A plastic bag floating by. A walker. A runner. A car. A leaf. Jason. The lawnmower. You name it and she goes ballistic, then she runs and hides. Why? I don’t know, because she is a creeper and that’s what creepers do?

At her backyard post, she spots squirrels and she doesn’t even go completely barking ballistic, but more or less, shakes and whimpers at them. It makes me wonder…..what is SHE going to do? If I let her out and they run away, who is she going to creep? It’s not like she would catch a squirrel. I mean, she is fast, but not that fast.

I let her creep up on an Armadillo one day. I saw it while walking her on the leash. She starts to get close, and then what happens? She gets the creeps and darts away. WHAT? This thing just sniffed her way and goes on digging through our yard. I’m telling you this dog likes to creep, but no action. It goes against her delicate introverted nature. Now Hoss Salem comes up on the same armadillo, scares it so bad it jumps ten feet in the air. Which was GREAT! Salem doesn’t creep, she terrifies. Awesome.

But back to Anna.

The watcher.

Creeping in action.

I wonder if she knows I’m watching HER. The creeper getting creeped.

And just so you know, the creeping isn’t so bad, it’s the barking at – whatever the creep it is?!? – that does me in.

She’s staring through your windows. She’s watching your people go.

She gon find you. She gon find you.

Hey Antoine Dodson, run and tell that. Run and tell that.

This post brought to you by:
Mama's Losin' It
I chose prompt 4.) Your pets least likable character trait.

26 thoughts on “Jeeper Creeper

  1. Way to put this! The pictures just make the suspense leap off the screen.

    I thought my dog was bad, barking at everything–but she doesn’t creep, she’s too hyper.

    Loved this post.


  2. Stopping by from Mama Kat’s and I’m totally cracking up over your adorable pooch! She certainly has an obsessive behavior, but it is rather endearing and cute in the way you describe it. Have a great day!


  3. I enjoyed that post!! Our cat (star of my Mama Kat’s blog today) is totally indoors, so she sits at the backdoor trying to see between the blinds. Sometimes when there are birds out there she gets this thing going where her jaws are literally trembling with desire …. to GET THOSE BIRDS. Cracks me up!


  4. My little dog will sit in front of the backyard window for days watching. I don’t know what she sees. She’ll sit there like “her porcelaine self” and look out the window…


  5. Now I don’t care who you are, that right there was funny! Thanks for the laugh! Great photos too. I wrote about my Barker and Bolter. The Bolter also shakes and whimpers over squirrels.


  6. Great shots here! I, too, love the shot of your dog through the window in your door. Dogs are great and yours is unique but seems like a lot of fun. I mean, he’s so interesting it took a whole blog post just to show us a small smaple of his character! great job.


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