A Ten Wedding

A wedding of wonder.

A wonder it happened.

A wonder the last minute planning a week prior paid of.

A wonder that I met the wedding photographer right here on my blog.

Whimsical Wordless Wednesday Wedding teasers from our 10-10-10 at 3:10pm ceremony thanks to Bella Lucia Photography.

More to come after our honeymoon is over. Actually we canceled our “real” trip since our Mom is still in the ICU and may have surgery this week. We did not want to be out of the country and all the tickets were re-usable without a fee. We stayed here and are enjoying wedding bliss for a few days around town. We are off today to the State Fair of Texas to say, “HOWDY!” as husband and wife to Big Tex.

37 thoughts on “A Ten Wedding

  1. I ALMOST emailed you yesterday, to see how things went then figured you might just be a little bit busy this week 🙂 I was thinking about you Sunday, on that gloriously sunny fall day. Lovely photos – I love the photo of you outside with that beautiful happy smile on your face.

    I am so very glad you had a wonderful day and that you are going to be able at some point to take that holiday and have your honeymoon too.

    Enjoy this special time together.


  2. suzicate

    I thought about you Sunday at 4:15 and wondered if you’d said “I do” yet. Then hubby pointed out that it was 3:15 in Texas, so you hadn’t yet. Glad everything turned out great. Absolutely stunning!


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  4. Angelia,
    Congratulations to both of you!! Love the pictures (especially the sunglasses shot!!)!!

    Big smiles and lots of love…as you create together, this next part of the journey for both of you…


  5. Well, sister, you pulled it off! Everything looks BEAUTIFUL, especially the bride. Now you can have the married life you always dreamed of having, only it will be better than you ever dreamed it would!

    Hope Sue continues to improve!


  6. OOh beautiful. I love the cool couple with sunglasses and that your gown has a lace cover. The happiness radiates out, thank you for sharing. Prayers still going out for your mil and all of you.


  7. Oh Angelia, you were absolutely stunning! Is it weird to say that I’ve kinda been stalking your blog, waiting for pictures?? Okay, scratch that then. 😉

    You pulled everything off beautifully. I am sure your MIL will be proud of how it all came together. Still praying for her speedy recovery.

    And BIG HUGE BLESSINGS to you and your newly wedded husband (and family)!



  8. Kellene did you proud, all those photos are just gorgeous! Heck you all were gorgeous and handsome.

    I kept telling hubby that “Angelia’s getting married today” and later “Angelia is a wifey” He apoligized for not taking me (as if we could), so sweet!

    Glad your still going on your honeymoon, I was wondering about that. Hope all goes well with his (yalls) mom.


  9. Oh, how beautiful. Love those pictures. And, what a memorable day to get married on–a ‘Ten’ wedding on 10-10-10.

    May you be blessed beyond measure as you move through the next part of your journey. May your mother-in-law experience continued strength and healing, and may you find rest as you re-focus for the days ahead. 🙂


  10. Very Nice, I am so happy to see everything going so good, I pray for good results from the surgery and know you both will be off on your honeymoon soon,

    I see a thumbs up from Big Tex


  11. I think I already said it on FB, but I’ll do it again: Congratulations to you and your family. You’re such a wonderful couple and the girls are adoring!
    Enjoy your honeymoon in Texas 🙂


  12. Oh my… BEAUTIFUL bride… beautiful photos… what a perfect wedding! I know you must be just giddy!… even though it’s back to the grind. I love the photo of the rings in the bible… I never saw that before. Just perfect!


  13. At last! The long wait is here to finally tell you- Your wedding is the start of another you- in your new life with Jason. Blessings to you both. This is a wedding in history 10-10-10! Lovely couple! I love those photo shots. Keep ’em comin’!!!All the best, Sweetie! Jason, congratulations!


  14. Congrats! Lovely pictures you guys look wonderful! I know things are tough right now being in the hospital but I am happy you guys were able to have such a beautiful day together!


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