Ten Days After 10-10-10

Four days married + six days in the hospital = ten days married.

We should will be going home today.

We have a diagnosis tentatively for Lupus. I say tentatively because, it was positive on a blood test, but only a rheumatologist can confirm diagnosis. It is possible it’s not Lupus but one of fifteen other connective tissue disorders. That’s a fancy way of saying your own body attacks your own body and causes inflammation out the wazoo that leads to ALL KINDS of problems.

I should be a redneck medical interpreter, I know..

Steroids calm it down (and did), but Jason can’t tolerate steroids (for long anyway) because of his diabetes. It messes with his sugar levels. We have been PROMISED a doctor of rheumatology that can run blood tests and release him tonight after he sees him at six (this after a patient advocate was called and some VP names were dropped. Yeah. I don’t play. Six days is enough). Then, we can blow this joint. I’m not crossing any fingers, because I will unhook him and walk him out MYself. I already cleared this with the admitting doctor. Heh.

Jason’s ex brought the girls to visit this week. It wasn’t what the doctor ordered, but by far the best medicine.

Blended families working together for the best of everyone’s benefit (and health) – that is a great accomplishment. Healing in more ways than medicinal.

When I told her we were family now – I meant it.

A big part of what has kept me going the last six days through hospital gown modeling. Camping on a chair cot. Crappy nurse care. Not eating right. Frequent back pain. And watching Jason endure and endure and endure has been the many memories of our beautiful wedding.

My friend and new sister Kellene has posted the wedding pictures during our stay in the hospital honeymoon suite.

My brilliant photographer and me.

The photographs have given us warmth and love across the miles to see her talent and see her love for us through the camera lens. I never questioned my decision to hire a photographer for the wedding and I certainly never questioned it being her. Take a look and see why for yourself.

There are more pictures on her blog and website – Bella Lucia Photography and Blog. Please visit her and share our joy with us and her incredible talent.

Also, celebrate that Jason’s illness is manageable and we praise God for that. Thanks to all the friends and family that prayed for us during this time.

We are deeply touched and grateful. Our love abounds and grows stronger through these trails.

This post edited to be part of….
Mama's Losin' It
Using prompt…
5.) “Keep your face to the sunshine and you can not see the shadow” – Helen Keller
In what ways are you able to stay positive about something that sometimes brings you down?

I commented to Mama Kat I had written so many posts during our pre-wedding and post-wedding that kept us positive through it all and she said to link one up. It was hard to choose. There are posts before and after on the story of Jason’s Mom entering ICU two weeks before our wedding date with a brain aneurysm then a stroke. We managed to pull the wedding off then end up in the hospital too. Despite it all, we kept our face to the sun and we still are. I don’t see any shadows here. Not one.

28 thoughts on “Ten Days After 10-10-10

  1. I’m glad you are beginning to get some answers and Jason will be coming home really soon, yes it’s manageable and working together as a blended family really impresses me because there are so many who won’t.

    I see good things for the both of you 🙂


  2. Oh Angelia – you and Jason really have been through the mill in just ten days of marriage. I am so very sorry you have both had to endure this. I hope you make it home this evening – I am sure for both you and Jason getting out of the hospital and home will be a real tonic.

    Your wedding photos are lovely – looking at them is a great reminder of all the wonderful times that are to come for the two of you as you start your life together.


  3. Hmm. I am becoming suspicious because so many people are being diagnosed with autoimmune diseases. (I meand WHAT is going on?) But here is not the place to get on my soapbox, but . . . . your post made me wonder and I came across this website: http://www.aarda.org/ (The American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association, Inc.)

    The brief bit I read talked about how treatment needs to be of the whole person and not just the symptoms that the disease is causing. I know you have too much to think about right now, but I wanted to point you to this site for when you might be ready to see what type of support is out there.

    My prayers are with you and you entire (yay 🙂 ) family. I am happy to hear that the mom brought the kids by. That was very nice of her.

    Kellene did a great job of capturing your special day. I have already looked at all 361 pictures. Yay! I was so excited.

    Hugs to you. You hang in there, Mrs. Hardy!


  4. Kellene did an absolutely fabulous job on the photos, but, then she had beautiful subjects.

    As Suzi mentioned, our mom has lupus. She manages it very well unless she’s in one of her pain cycles because she won’t take anything for the pain.

    I’m hoping they definitively find out what is wrong and come up with a great game plan on how to manage it.

    {{{Angelia & Jason}}}


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    1. I spoke too soon, or jinxed myself, or jinxed him. Still here. Blood sugar whacked out over the CAT dye they used. Gotta straighten that out. The rheumatologist finally came at 9pm. That at least FINALLY happened and I really liked him. Hopefully, tomorrow? Next week? Next year? We are so happy to stay and enjoy all the one on one time. 😀


  6. Angelia,
    Thanks for the update.

    And…based on your comment here – tonight’s not the night to go home. I know it’s soon…and home will be such a wonderful place to be.

    Thinking (and praying) for you guys. Keep hangin’ in there…

    The pictures are amazing!!!


  7. I am catching up, and BOY did I have a lot to catch up on! Praying for you, and so thankful for being able to ‘hear’ your faith in God and your love for your husband!!! Will be praying for you! (And have an idea of how you’re feeling… not a matter of days after the wedding, but seeing your love in the hospital unexpectedly is never, ever fun!)


  8. Our love abounds and grows stronger through these trails.

    I am soo happy that yall will finally get to go home! That was really great that the ex brought the kids, kids have a way of warming the heart and kissing away all the booboos.

    Love your wedding pics! The are all so lovely!


  9. Your positive attitude and sense of humor (love the hospital gown modelling) during such a frustrating and worrisome time are inspirational. Wishing you and your husband back home soon! Maybe “clicking” his hospital slippers together three times might help? Thoughts and prayers going your way!


  10. Now that is love; when you are happy to be spending one on one time in a hospital! So glad you seem to be coming towards the end of this medical drama. And speaking of medical drama, I think your story would make a great storyline on Grey’s Anatomy!


  11. Well, my sweeties, I hope all has gone as you expected it to. (I think the 20th was yesterday but I don’t know for sure….living in my own little bubble here.) Do you know, and I mean REALLY know, how inspirational you are? I am so proud of you for maintaining your sanity while still being a new wife in an unexpected place. You’re definitely special in my eyes.
    I’m praying that things will continue to progress and that whatever is going to be normal for all of you will show itself soon.
    Love, blessings, and prayers,


  12. Wow!! You guys sure know how to the add drama to your freshly married life! I hope that this is the only drama that you have to deal with for a long time!

    I’ve been following along though this was the first time that I was able to write you. I hope that by the time you get this you and Jason are back at home!


  13. Dear Angelia,

    If you’re up for it, I would LOVE for you to guest blog on The Stepmom’s Toolbox. I have been praying for Jason, you and the girls. Being able to *watch* you marry the love of your life, be gifted with two beautiful bonus daughters and then spend your honeymoon in the hospital gives me goosebumps.

    Please say yes. But only when you’re ready. I’d love to get your story out to the stepmom community.

    Blessings for happily ever remarried after!



  14. Wonderful post!! You are doing great at staying positive. Is he out now?? I can sympathize with tests, wrong doctors, stays you don’t want. Good luck! You guys will be great!


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