Recovery, Rehab, and Reminiscences

Jason is doing well. He has felt fine and is resting. We did not end up getting home until Thursday October 21st. I didn’t think I would live another night there, but I did.

I re-entered the work world. It felt like I had been in a time warp. Everything was different, but the same. I’m really glad it was on a Friday, so I can slowly sink back into it. I can tell you this, after the nurses and doctors “customer service”, I am a lot more conscious of the quality of work I do and HOW I do it, but most especially how I treat people. Not that I was bad before, it’s just from the smarting stings of arrogance and not-my-job syndrome, I have developed an extra sensitive layer of compassion and tact.

Coming home was a welcome sight for a teenage girl who loves her parents and missed them. And for three dogs that thought they’d been abandoned.

My sister and her husband cleaned our ENTIRE house when they visited for the weekend while Jason was in the hospital. What a treasure. I thought going out to eat was great, but this was such a relief and worth more than food or anything else. It was peace of mind and more restful than I can describe to you. My sister (and husband) are amazing. It was an incredible surprise.

My wedding bouquet sat on the counter in a crystal vase. The beautiful lilies still blooming.

Reminding me…I have SO much to tell you about the wedding. I suppose it will have to unfold like some of these late-blooming lilies. Slowly and beautifully, over time.

In other words, I will get there, I promise.

There are so many things, I just want back to normal. To blog again. To connect with other bloggers. To have more time to read blogs and participate in the going ons. BUT.

We still have a loved one in the hospital. For now, in ICU recovery. Her progress? Slow. And almost a reversal, due to the pain of her head, of the feeding tube inserted, of the injury to her bottom; you don’t want to know, but let me just say it’s like a diaper rash X 100 resulting in an open bleeding wound. Why? Because someone didn’t check a tube. No wonder she can’t sit up in a chair, could you? [hospitals!]

I visited her for the first time in over a week last night. I expected the worse. I expected a decline from the time before where she told me she loved me and held my hand at her bedside. She talked softly, but quite clearly telling me she was sorry about the wedding. It broke my heart in a million pieces.

I didn’t cry at, or before, or during the wedding. I refused. It was a happy day and I refuted any tears to come, but anything to do with her, and her pain. It tears me up. She is such a beautiful woman inside and out and deserves so much happiness and joy. Not pain and suffering.

When we got to her room, she was sleeping. I thought that would be it, but she woke up and proceeded to talk and talk and talk. About now, about the past, about the wedding, about her beautiful grandchildren. Most especially to advise us to love every day and tell those you love, you love them, every chance you get. It was about three hours of smiles, laughs, and tears. From her and us. I wish I could describe how her laugh made my soul leap to heaven and back. Her mind is so sharp. How miraculous is that? She endured a brain aneurysm and a stroke in the same weekend. Now, I know where her son gets it. I look forward to many more moments like these. She moves to the miracle floor Monday. Rehab. They say miracles happen there and I believe it will for her too. It already has.

I also got to dabble for a few moments in my second great love; practicing photography.

I only have time to post of few, but Sydney and her zebra umbrella is the coolest thing ever. I love this kid in all her hipness.

19 thoughts on “Recovery, Rehab, and Reminiscences

  1. Angelia,
    Mmm…normal can be a very wonderful thing. So good you’re home…”home”…

    Will continue to keep you all in prayer…

    (and the photos are very awesome…and hip!!)


  2. Isn’t it wonderful to have such gratitude for the little things in life? One day at a time, my dear…

    PS And yes, as Lance said you are still going to be in the prayer book!


  3. Oh, I just love your blog posts. So enjoy the way you likened sharing your wedding memories to the late blooming lilies–I can’t wait to watch them all unfold.

    Your pictures of Sydney are top notch, btw.


  4. I’m sorry your mother in law still isn’t 100% but at least she is improving. Hopefully it will continue steadily improving. I’m glad your husband is home and hopefully things will be back to normal soon. And Syd does look so cool with that umbrella! She’s just cool anyway you look at it!


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  6. Angelia

    So glad to hear you and Jason are home again – how wonderful that your sister cleaned your house for you, that was such a lovely thing to do. It must be a great comfort right now knowing you have your sister, daughter, family and friends around you.


  7. suzicate

    I know you’re happy to be home and getting back to some degree of normalness. I’m glad your mother in law is improving. Those are some cool pics of Sydney and her zebra umbrella.


  8. So glad you are home and Jason is doing well, soon Mom will be home and doing much better too, I hate that someones lack of attention has caused her problems but this too will pass as it is being tended to now.

    Nice pictures they turned out very good.


  9. So glad things are finally getting back to normal for yall! Sounds like your MIL is a wonderful and strong person, I have no doubt that she will recover just fine!

    Love the pics!


  10. Angelia-what a time you’ve had of it these past few weeks! I’ve just caught up with all your posts since the wedding, and I’m so sorry for all the trouble you’ve gone through. You are an amazing person, such vitality and humor, and a heart full of love. I’m glad Jason’s back home now and feeling better. I hope that trend continues, and that happier days lie ahead. Take care. It’s a privilege to know you, even if it is only in cyberspace.


  11. runrettarun

    Your sister and BIL are so awesome. A clean house is taken for granted. How thoughtful of them to do that for you two. I am so sorry to hear about your MIL. Sometimes I wonder why certain people get into the medical profession in the first place. Still praying for you guys. . .

    Great photos and love your bouquet!


  12. Wow! I am glad Jason is doing well. I am happy you are home. What a GREAT sister you have. That is so nice of her to clean your house and allow your homecoming to be so special. Yay!

    I am so happy to hear your Mother-In-Law was in such high spirits. Good for you all!

    Thanks for sharing all the pictures.

    Hugs and kisses to you and ALL your family!


  13. Fabulous job, finding the good in the bad (being reminded to work extra hard at customer service skills) You are always an encouragement in that area! There are still prayers going up here for healing, whether miraculous, or simply through medicine that actually works.
    I love the pics. You frame so nicely. My “models” won’t sit still for anything. I especially love the phone in Sydney’s back pocket.


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