Ohhh, You Make me Smile

I heard this song on a blog one day. I wish I could link back to it, but I don’t remember whose or when, but I humbly thank you. It was the song’s video by Uncle Kracker. As soon as I heard it, I knew two things.

Without a doubt, this song was the one I wanted to play for my first dance at the wedding. For two, it was so perfect, it brought tears to my eyes.

What I didn’t know is the two weeks leading up to the wedding…with my friend, my wedding planner, and my new future mom….getting terribly ill; unable to breathe or eat on her own. Recovering from not just a brain aneurysm, but a stroke, pneumonia, and surgery.

I didn’t know that love fights, love stands up, and it rallies side-by-side in this family. It does not abandon that loved one, until they go home. Pride, honor, loyalty – fierce and strong. She is the mom (and dad most of their lives) of three sons. She is the wife and step-mom to her husband, step-son, and step-daughter. She loves, and gives to everyone, and in turn everyone loves and gives back to her.

She made a request to her step-son before her aneurysm to take photographs at the wedding. She especially wanted all her grandchildren in a photo. She is so proud of her family and she has every right to be. I always tell her, I am so lucky to be part of this family, and even from her hospital bed, she answered the same, “We are lucky to have you”.

That is the kind of person she is. Full of heart and pride, it overflows.

So, for one day, we gathered in her support. To don our wedding clothes and shine our love for family, as we grew larger joining two-together in joy, love, and laughter. Although she wasn’t there, it wouldn’t have been possible without her. I think her step-son did a great job with her request. I think when she sees this, she will smile.

I hope you smile with us too, as you view our special 10-10-10 day.

19 thoughts on “Ohhh, You Make me Smile

  1. Oh, you DID make me smile! What a heartwarming video–beautiful pictures! LOVE the Living, Loving, Laughing on the wall–how cool is that?

    The black glasses on you all were adorable–and I loved the b&w shot of you and hubby.

    Just beautiful.


  2. Oh my gosh, it’s 8.50 AM, just about to go to work, and you made me smile and cry. So beautiful. Especially the picture of you and Sidney, priceless. The song is great! An unique document of your fairy tale wedding!


  3. You wonderful woman! ANYBODY would welcome you as a member of their family!! Now the good life begins. It will have its ups and downs, that’s for sure, but no matter what happens in the future, there will ALWAYS be so much love surrounding you ALL!


  4. Angelia and Jason…so happy for both of you!! And you DO make me smile, too…

    May your days together be filled with moments of growing even more deeply in love…


  5. Todd Crabtree

    Awesome pictures! Perfect song!
    Your faith, hope, and loyalty renew my spirit each time I read your posts. Thank you for sharing your gift.

    Congratulations–your husband, his girls, and family are very blessed to have you.


  6. I love this. It’s amazing. You and all the girls were so beautiful. The happiness of the whole family vibrates through the photos. Thanks for sharing this. How’s Jason feeling these days? Ihope things are settling down for you and you’re settling into a life of bliss.


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