Dear Trick or Treater

I have a confession to make. When shopping for Halloween candy to give out this year, I had you in mind. You wouldn’t receive the “bad” candy; tootsie rolls, pixie sticks, or smarties. That just wasn’t good enough. Not for you. Not for my trick or treater. Nope, for you, I would splurge on (gasp!) chocolate. Because? It’s Halloween. It’s a treat. You deserve it! You deserve it for all the times the wee will be scared out of you on this Hallowed frightfest night. And what could I get you that would be most deserving of your adorable costume? Your pumpkin bucket? Your painted green witch face? Your big smile and open mouth? A treat, I myself would love to receive. A treat that is chocolaty, and peanut buttery, so smooth in all it’s yummy goodness it should be renamed chocolate heaven.

Reese’s Peanut Butter cups

Scrumptious, most delicious treat of all Halloween time.

This is the good stuff.

This is what you deserve my little sweet faced friend. I bought bags with you in mind. With your well-being. With your coming home shrieking in pleasure, “Reese’s! Reese’s! I got a Reese’s from the house that gives out the good candy. Yeah!”

I felt like the Grinch who saved Halloween and grew a heart to stop handing out orange and black peanut butter chews for something with substance. Good candy. Chocolate candy. I am nothing but over generous.

Then, it happened.

I had one little bite. Just one Reese cup package. Just a little snack. Just a desert after dinner. It was my biggest mistake and a pitiful spiral of self-control defeat worthy of any horror flick.

One opened the sacred bag. One lead to another. I was taking “one” to eat after lunch, then “one” mid-breakfast, and then “one” as an after work snack; after stress treat, after dinner, before bed. And……and….and….and…..

I’m sorry.

I hang my head in shame. The Reese’s are gone. I am not allowed to buy anymore. There is no more “good” candy allowed in this house. Only the stuff I won’t touch. Maybe you should just skip our house?

I apologize dear trick or treater. It’s all my fault. Enjoy your dots….


Next year. NEXT year, we will have the “good” stuff……..I (um) promise.

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24 thoughts on “Dear Trick or Treater

  1. Okay, guess what?? I LOVE Smarties and Pixie Stix! In fact, I used to seriously binge on Smarties…that said, anything chocolate and peanut butter won’t last either…

    Thankfully we don’t “do” Halloween so it isn’t an issue for me…


  2. Angelia, Cindy always bought the “Good Stuff” too in case any was left over, funny the good stuff was always left over and no Dots to be found—needless to say I could see how this was going to end 🙂


  3. You know, every year – this one included – I buy the good stuff and it’s always gone before the actual trick or treaters come by. As a matter of fact, JUST THIS MORNING, the hubs said, “you gotta take that candy into your office.” He was hardly able to help himself last night.


  4. Perfect post!! This is so, so true for myself when Halloween rolls around. I tell myself that we should only buy the stuff nobody really wants-but of course we don’t-and if someone doesn’t stop me before Halloween night-that’s all we have left too.
    I will be smiling about this post all day long! 🙂


  5. I got chocolate too – I looked at all the $10 bags with 200+ treats in, all tacky candy and said no, the kids deserve chocolate – M&M’s Reese’s, the works. As I don’t (gasp!) like American chocolate I can resist them myself though – however my daughter has been eyeing them up all week long 🙂


  6. Love the Reece’s – and the Snickers – and the Almond Joy – and the Butterfingers – ahhhhh, Halloween you’re killing us!!!!

    Just dropping by from SITS. Happy halloween to you and yours!


  7. lol.. this is so funny! thank you for making me smile so big! And I love Reese Peanut butter cups.. but I understand once those *sacred bags are opened.. it is gone!! I’m with you.. a true Reese fan! much luv to you… ❤ Jenn


  8. LOL, Angelia! I always eat all the Reeses too : ) But my confession is that kids rarely come to our house. It’s at the end of a dark road. But I stock up really well “just in case some show up”.


  9. Oh my gosh! This is too hilarious : )

    Seriously funny. Am I the worst homeowner in America? I haven’t got any candy yet. It is totally on my list of things to do tomorrow : )

    Thanks for your referral for your photographer. I will definitely visit her!


  10. Hubby had to buy a BIG bag of candy even though we never get trick or treaters on our street (only two houses so no worth their time to come all the way out here)… methinks he was thinking maybe he’d have plenty for himself?


  11. Oh man but can I relate with this post! I swore to myself I would not purchase candy any earlier than a couple days before Halloween. Well, that resolution lasted all of about 3 days into October. I’m pretty sure I’ve now eaten my entire neighborhood’s allotment of candy. No. I’m not proud. And here we are 2 days before Halloween and I’m out. Of candy. Lord help me.


  12. Hello Angelia,

    LOL This is hilarious! You write humor so well, you’re awesome.

    I used to love Reeses in a big way, and I have a 20 year old daugther who loves them soooooo much! Thanks for the big smile you put on my face!


  13. This year we won’t buy candy since we won’t be at home! We’ll be going to my MIL’s. But I can relate…we have a stash of M&M’s for my boy as a treat for whenever he goes potty …and I so want to eat them!!



  14. I love tootsie rolls. Love, love, love, love, love them . . . . . but I can’t eat them because they are Sugar Corn Syrup Partially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil. And because I can’t eat just one. I also like pixie sticks and smarties. And Dots. Aside from candy in general being bad, I don’t think of those candies as the “bad” candy, but I know what you mean.

    My husband buys candy every year, but we don’t get trick or treaters, but he buys it “just in case”. Actually he didn’t buy it this year. Hmmm?

    Its too bad we can’t give trick or treaters REAL treats like something oooey-and-gooey and homemade. Something less chemically . . . . but . . . not now-a-days.

    I feel for you, you were being kind and spurlging and then non of it survived. 🙂


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