It happened one Halloween

In 2005, my daughter age eleven turned into a zombie.

A freaky fracky relentlessly spooky zombie. Ahhh!

I think she was conjured up by the decorations of the house that year. Creepy fabric, spider webs, and a fog machine adorned the front porch. Or maybe it was her participation as a cheerleader for pee wee football. I mean she did come back in a cheer outfit.

Maybe, she just needed some brains.

Whatever the case, my little lamb on her first Halloween, to princesses and angels through the rest of the years was now DEAD.


*I must say a few kids lost their candy that year, but I still think she was a cute little zombie. Maybe she ate some of MY brains. Heh!*

Happy Halloween from the past and watch out for those adorable zombies. They are out there!

This post is part of the SITS girls Halloween party. Check it out, it’s a howling good time.

13 thoughts on “It happened one Halloween

  1. Wow…that’s a scary looking costume! Eleven must be that magic age of wanting to look scary instead of dressing like a princess/pirate/fireman/name your hero. Gives me something to look forward to in a few years…not! Visiting from SITS 🙂


  2. Is this what is known as zombie-cute? She should have been a cheerleader gypsy, or a cheerleader princess! Some children are much to beautiful to be zombies. I am a zombie tonight because I got up way too early this morning.
    Hug yourself and hug your hubby. Oh, and hug the beautiful zombie children, too. Have a fun Halloween tomorrow night.


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