Sleeping Beauty, The Witch, and The Pirate

It sounds like a Narnia tale.

Actually, it was our Halloween night.

But similar to a fairy tale……………….all things considered.

Here’s the spell, if you take a daughter of an ex to an ex-wife’s place, plus add in two daughters from former ex to now step-dad of said daughter to new step-mom of step-daughters, with a dash of Halloween *poof* you have trick or treating at your new husband’s ex’s place (or a brew of crow’s foot in a cauldron, take your pick).

Did you follow all that?

Never mind, it was fun. I loved it. The kids loved it. The neighborhood rocked Halloween and that’s all that really matters. I care about this family – every part – chopped, blended, mixed, and all. I want the best for the little girls and their happiness. Trick or treating with mom, dad, step-mom and new step-sister is a pretty rad deal – for them, me, mom, dad, and especially step-sister (you’ll see why at the end).

What was more surprising? That this kind of thing was possible? Plausible? Successful? Or that Sydney at age sixteen went trick-or-treating and got away with it? Because she is so cute. Because she shielded herself with two little kids sisters.

Above and beyond, I would like to thank Jason’s ex; aka the little girls mom. For letting me stalk shadow her, crash enjoy her Halloween night, and invade bless her home with my lens. All for these adorable pictures of the girls in the costumes she made. She MADE them. Aren’t they the cutest things ever or what?

The Witch.

The Pirate.

The Candy Thief, I mean Sleeping Beauty, of course.

So there you have it. Sleeping Beauty, The Witch, and The Pirate.

Off to save the world To take your candy……

…with a smile that will leave you with a why-did-I-just-give-them-the-whole-dang-bowl.

They might even share, yeah, right.

And Sydney? This is sooo going on Facebook.

P.S. For more Halloween costume parade fun. Be sure and visit the SITS girls. You could win a Canon Rebel T2i DSLR camera.

30 thoughts on “Sleeping Beauty, The Witch, and The Pirate

  1. I think it’s great that you all get along. It’s important for the kids to see that. If everyone acted this grown up and put the children’s needs before their own selfish needs of hatred and resentment imagine how many more kids we have from divorced parents that grow up in stable mixed and blended families. I’ve learn to let the resentmet for my ex go so the kids see us get along. Too bad we couldn’t do that when we were together. Anyway, I’m much happier now that I don’t have to live with him anymore, so it’s easy to forgive once time passes and you find peace.

    Your kids are so adorable. Love the FB comment with regard to Sydney. 🙂 I tag my daughter in photos and it’s like she’s there waiting on the other end to delete them. Of course with her iPhone that’s pretty easy to do!

    Great photos as always!


    1. Sherri- It is a difficult thing to do and I am glad you were able to do it. I think life is too short to make it so complicated and maybe Jason’s hospital visit helped me see that. I’ve had to really take a step back and not take anything personal, but use a -what’s best for the kids- filter. It works wonders. And thanks about the photos. I love that camera!


  2. Hi Angelia

    How wonderful after the last few tough weeks for you all that you got to spend a harmonious first Halloween with everyone from your new blended family. Dare I say sometimes it takes something big, like Jason getting sick, for everyone to rally to the same side and see what is really important and what is not. Sounds like that has happened across elements of your new bigger and better family! I hope Jason is doing better and continues to get healthy once more.


    1. Jane – He is doing good. He has some joint pain, but no more viruses. They are still trying to determine what might have happened and if, and which, connective tissue disease he has. We had a great Halloween and I hope that tradition continues.


      1. Aww. Thanks. I feel as if I tend to ramble and I could go on and on about how cute they are and how cool it is that their costumes were handmade and how cute they are and how beautiful Sydney is and what a terrible dog mommy you are (ha, ha!) dressing up your fur-children and how cute everyone is. LOL!

        Hugs! It so nice you were able to have fun and let loose a bit!


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  4. suzicate

    I love the way the little pirate is looking up at Sydney with such admiration in third to last shot! Sounds like a blast for all! Yay to each of you for making it work!


  5. Oh my so much to say, but I will keep it short. Yay that you are all getting along and are able to enjoy a party/event/occassion together. Good for all of you!

    Great pictures. So cute! I love the collages!

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Terre-Thank-you! I am enjoying those collages. It’s an easy way to post more pictures. Keeping fingers crossed and praying it stays smooth. At least we are all trying for the kids. They deserve it. You don’t ever have to keep it short for me. I enjoy hearing your thoughts. 🙂


  6. That was one of the most confusing blog posts I have read in a long time but yet very enjoyable as well. LOL

    GREAT job on the costumes and glad to hear you all had an awesome halloween!!!


  7. What a great bunch of Halloween characters!!! And…you know what my other thought was? It must be so warm there – we’ve never (never ever!) went out trick or treating without layers on!


    1. Lance-It was 89 during the day and about 77 when the pic was taken. Every once in a few years we will have a cold Halloween, but normally it is still very warm. Mid-November and on, we may get a cold day or two. Isn’t it funny how different our weather is from there? I couldn’t believe those people wearing shorts when I was there. 50’s is our winter! Ha!


  8. The group we went trick-or-treating with had an older brother tag along too. He is 14 and managed to still get a good supply of candy by using the little kids as a “shield”. Those big kids know what they are doing! So cute, all of them.


  9. It is so good that you can all get together and make this work for the kids, they looked so good in their costumes and looked so happy I just know the evening was awesome.


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