Blogging Blues

It’s that ho-hum depression from the same old, same old bloggy topic. In the same old same old, same old blog post screen, to the same old links, to the same tired header.

Feeling like you’ve said that before over and over and over. And maybe you’ve wrung every drop of blog worthiness out of the headlines of your life. Family, crisis, or new hobby. Feeling like your life isn’t so interesting, or maybe it was interesting, and now it’s not….but could be? will be again.

Feeling like you once had a target audience, but since your interests span the horizons, and your ADD fascinates on new things frequently *look something shiny* and keeps you bouncing all over the topic place. Maybe, you’ve lost some readership, but maybe you’ve gained some readership too.

And which direction are you going anyway? Writing, photography, poetry, SEO, or branding? Mom blog, blended family blog, dog blog, or not getting the laundry done blog? Write a novel? A short story? Magazine submissions?

Then, you have your favorite bloggy buddies of all time that just……..stop blogging. I know, right??? Don’t they know I’m an avid reader and hang on every word?? How dare they just stop? And without even a good-bye.*sniff*

Maybe we need some blog therapists to sit with us and discuss our psychological blog issues. Pull up a couch and a laptop. Be our most attentive follower. Subscribe and validate the words on our screen (or photos) before we hit publish.

Then be our first commenter to gush at our brilliance and make us shine.

Maybe we need the blog whisperer – for when your blog posts begin to span out from twice-daily, to once a day, to once a week, to once a month? They can bring you back to the land of blogging and the excitement of when you first started.

Some bloggers take breaks, some redesign their site, and some pick up and move URL’s. To an anonymous one or a new theme. Something. Anything, to shake the blogging blues.

Me? Well, I don’t stay blogging blue for long. It’s kinda like the skies in Texas – give them a minute and they will part for the sun.

So, when I get blue and unsure of my blogging self.


I just smile.

And wear my Groucho Marx glasses.

Surely that is worthy of chasing the blog blues away.

Don’t you feel better now?

33 thoughts on “Blogging Blues

    1. Thank-you! I am happy to be here with ya. I’m not blog blue. I just find the revolving world of bloggers so interesting. What makes us tick? Think? Post? Dissappear? Move circles? Change interests? It’s all very fascinating.


  1. I feel better now 🙂

    I think a blog is like life – it changes as you change, you try different things, some you find you like, others not, same with the blogs you read and over time as you change direction so do others. It’s just the way it is. I have so far not ever found myself in a blogging slump but I do know I need to still figure out the balance between blogging and real life, that is my struggle right now.


    1. Jane – That is a great assesment! I think you are so right. Our life cycles change, priorities change, and we find different things that grab our attention. I actually love the variety and I think my blog shows that (mostly). I, too, seek the balance. If you find the way….please draw a map.


    1. emjay – Ahhh, forcing the post post. I KNOW. They take forever and never seem to come out right. What about the WHEN do I post posts? I wrote this and thought, do I save it? Post it? Schedule it? When is a good time for everyone to read? LOL.


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  3. Anne Adams

    Ange, I have just discovered your blog!!! You are SO amazing!!!! I love your work–I like how you write from the heart-truly. No high-falluting stuff in the way.
    What a wonderful discovery! I want to do a blog too lol
    Good luck with the new camera too!
    Hugs & Love from Anne


  4. hahahaha. I swear I was just thinking this yesterday morning while in the shower. I’m all over the map with my blog posts. I don’t have a target audience, which I’m okay with cuz I’m not trying to sell anything.


    1. Sherri- I hope people read this and don’t get SAD. It’s meant to be a little funny spoof on the bloggy world. I don’t have a schedule. I don’t think I’ve ever had a blog post in drafts – except for maybe ONE time. I don’t blog for money, advertisers, product reviews or even book deals. Heck, I have no idea WHY I blog except for it being fun. 🙂 I guess we are our target audience. Woo!


  5. suzicate

    Love it! Don’t we all self doubt, wonder if we’re boring or if we’ll run out of things to say? Great post. I think we can all relate.


    1. Suzicate- It is a self-doubt thing sometimes. Isn’t funny how you wonder if one of your comments will be taken the wrong way? Then, they don’t visit you for a while and you think…….OH NO! But in reality, they are just busy. I try to write posts that entertain myself, so when I go back, I can enjoy it again and again. If that is something everyone else likes too, it’s big bonus and I’m thrilled about that. 🙂


  6. So true – whenever I get the ‘bloggy blues’ I usually take that as a sign I need to step away from the computer for a while – just enjoy LIFE. That is, afterall what should inspire our blogs the most, right!? 🙂

    I’ve been coming across a lot of folk posting reflections on blogging – I’ll be linking to some of the posts that have stuck out to me this saturday…I’ll add a link to your post to the mix .




  7. What a great take on this subject. You’ve pegged exactly the slump I’m in right now. I started blogging when I was doing some volunteer work and we had this wonderful course on how to set up a blog. I gave it a try, and found I loved the avenue for ‘spur of the moment’ thought. But, I think I still need to discover what direction I really want to go here.


  8. runrettarun

    It’s taken me almost a year to figure out that I wasn’t loving being a healthly living blogger like I thought I would. So I took a new (still learning as I go) direction to be more “me” and while I still get in a blogging rut, it’s not so hard to get out of and not so much pressure. If that makes ANY sense. 🙂


  9. I AM an avid reader of your blog!!! 🙂 Love your writing style! It really comes across that you write from the heart 😉
    I do feel the blog blues from time to time but since, personally, I’m not a regular blogger and still finding my way around words, I take it easy.
    By the way, you’ve re-designed your blog, love the new pics 😉


  10. I have been feeling a little “blog lost” and sometimes have an urge to just stop but it seems to pass. Love the pictures, that does add a smile to my morning: )


  11. Great post! I don’t know for sure, but I would guess most all of us have been here if we’ve been blogging for a few months or more! It was a great gift of humor for me today! Thanks! I’ll file it for when those blogging days of blue hit – because I know they will! Love the shots at the end, too!!


  12. Groucho Marx glasses make everything better! It’s so timely that you post this because I’ve been feeling so sucked dry of inspiration lately, and I don’t know why. Sigh…


  13. I find it comforting to read this too. I am not able to limit my interests to one thing. I envy people who can, yet I love so many things. Your photos in your next posts are excellent. I could look at them all day and I don’t even know the people.


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