A Day in the Life of my Hobby

Learning photography. Exploring photography. Living and breathing photography.

Sunday, I took a shot at Senior pictures.

I am so lucky I have friends at work who don’t mind me “practicing” on their kid. Then of course I have Sydney who is just a Junior, but I can ready her for Senior pictures by experimenting taking pictures every chance I get.

These photographs were shot in the country. I’m not sure what city slicker Sydney thought of the cows, but I noticed she didn’t walk around the field too much (heh). Jason loved using four-wheel drive on his Jeep.

My assistant and model hanging out on the set.

Under the blue sky, cool breeze, and unedited landscapes, these kids were great subjects (and good sports). It’s amazing how fast they grow. Their last years of high school.*Sniff*

Andrew Senior ’10

I took photographs of Sydney, because she FINALLY got her braces off – five long years later. Worth the wait? Well, I think she is absolutely stunning. Then again, I’m probably biased. Not to mention Dr. Enoksen is the BEST dentist and orthodontist in the WORLD. What Monarch Dental tried to do in FOUR YEARS with no results, he completed in less than a year. No matter where you are, or who you use, switch to West Davis Dental if you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I’m for serious.

Sydney – Junior ’10

My next quest is family photographs and learning to use manual settings. I think I am getting closer to breaking up with auto, but not quite yet. I still have a few books to finish on digital photography before I will feel comfortable trying it.

It is definitely a work in progress for me. Especially, the patience part. There is so much to photography – not just the settings, and the edits, but also working with families and getting feedback. By far the worst part is posting pictures and waiting for comments. I definitely need to tone down my eagerness (or maybe not). It will take years to learn it all; to fine tune the ins and out. And? A lot more practice (yay!).

19 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of my Hobby

  1. Hi Angelia

    I am going to be very honest with you as I know you really do want to progress with your photography. These are really good – the first and last photos of Sydney are lovely and the last shot of Andrew I really love too. In the first shot of Andrew, just one thing – try playing with the colors of the background, it is too dark so his hair and head get lost in it. If it’s possible to change that background I think you have a winning shot right there.


  2. Jason

    Next time we need to drive somewhere very much off-the-beaten-path and muddy! 🙂
    Spending the day with my wife and daughter, new friends (both human and bovine) was so much more rewarding than the alternative. I love all of these shots! Count me in for the next time you need an assistant/chauffeur.


  3. I feel so much like you do when it comes to loving photography, and hope to be able to put more time into it down the road. Loving when you share your shots. They are always inspiring. All of these are great! And, after reading through the comments, I have to agree with what Aging Mommy said above about the dark background.

    These blogs are a great place to learn together!


  4. I think you did a great job for your first senior pic shots! And I think the best way to break your bad “Auto Setting” habit is to just keep playing around with all the settings. Maybe try just using the Av setting instead of full Manual. Then you’ll have aperture priority for all your shots if that’s your preference. PS. I like how you there’s some movement in your photos, and the railroad ones are great!


  5. With perseverance like the way you are doing your hobby, it will turn you a worthwhile income-generating one. These pics are proofs of my prophesy. Sydney will be the best model ever. And Andrew, too. I wish Jason will progress from his present position as an assistant and driver to manager/proprietor of Angel Lias Photography!! Hah! Nice to see you still in cloud 9 with the hubby plus the hobby!
    Love you, Sweetie! Gob Bless you and your happy family!


  6. First, Sydney is beautiful! And second, so are your photographs. I think you need to move yourself from “hobbiest” to “pro”. I love the ones by the train tracks!



  7. Maddy

    I know exactly what you mean! The moments between when I post and I actually get feedback from clients is extremely nervewracking!!! You’re doing great work and I see big things in your future!


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