This is the year!

This one…………2010.

Our TEN year from our 10-10-10 wedding.

A year when our family hit the puree button and blended well. We are ready for our FIRST holidays together. Almost.

Since, I met Jason I have wanted to do Christmas cards. But it seemed weird, not being married, and not being a “real” part of the family. So I didn’t, even though this picture would have made a great Christmas card last year.

Then I got my Nikon D3000 DSLR and laid my point and shoot to rest. THIS year without a doubt we are doing Christmas cards. I have the photo shoot all planned out and even have outfits for the dogs. Oh yes, I did!

I have chosen Shutterfly as my place to go for all things picture related. Some of you know I love photo books. It’s a great way to preserve, and album the precious pictures taken throughout the year. I created one for Molly’s birthday and the girls still love to read their special book. I hope to create Easter, Halloween, and Christmas books as well. These photo books will last long after their childhood, and well into their grown up years. It’s easier than you can imagine, they do all the work for you with pre-set templets for the books. So don’t be afraid to try, it’s a simple upload and a lot fun. Plus, you create a timeless gift for your children, parents, and grandparents.

Another thing I love? Calendars. My favorite gift to give (and the most useful). Normally, I would just buy from the store. But today, it’s very easy to create one for the people you love by clicking away with your mouse. Can you imagine the joy of a grandchild wall calendar to a grandparent? Especially one that lives far away. It’s an easy, meaningful gift that can be enjoyed every month of the year.

There are many other gifts to choose from as well, from photo mugs, mouse pads, and even Christmas ornaments.

The 2010 Holiday cards are my absolute favorite and that is why I am so happy about this year. I can’t believe all the choices. I have picked out a few and hope to have the photographs to match perfectly into one these designs.

I have NO idea which one I will choose. There are a plethora of choices. Click on any card to go to the other designs Shutterfly offers.

I know I am bragging on Shutterfly. It’s not just because I am so excited about Christmas cards this year (I totally am!). There is another reason too. They are behind the blogging community. They support bloggers and appreciate the words we write and they understand it can be a powerful marketing tool for a company that deserves the recognition. I am not a reviewer. I am not a giveaway blog. I am just me, just like you, but I can appreciate big companies reaching out to the little people. If you are a blogger click here. You’re welcome.

This year, at the end of my TEN year, I am NOT running to the store frantic on Christmas Eve. I am going to use what I love to do. Browse my photographs and find some great gifts. And if you want to know what Christmas card I pick? Makes sure I have your address.

Are we in the Holiday spirit yet? I know I am!

Have a great Saturday!

16 thoughts on “This is the year!

  1. I just ordered a photo book last night! I earned a free 8×8, 20 pg book by completing a TripAdvisor (dot) com travel review of our hotel.
    Wow, the 50 free cards is a wonderful treat. Thank you for the link.
    Congratulations on being able to send photo cards this year!! I know you will snap terrific photos, and I can’t wait to see what the dogs will be wearing. 😀


  2. That pic of the girls is just precious. I’m going to check out shutterfly. I’ve never heard of it. This is one reason I’m so thankful to have great blogger friends who share their wonderful finds on their blogs…for no good reason at all other than their love of blogging and sharing great and wonderful things they love.

    Thanks Angelia. And Happy Holidays to your and yours!


    1. Sherri-I agree. I am so thankful for the blogging community. My Foxy friend shared it on her blog and that is how I found out. Free or not, I was ordering cards. I sure hope the pictures turn out. Should be pretty hilarious trying to corral two busy young girls, a teen on her iPhone, and THREE costumed dogs. HA. I wish Jean were here to do a video of that.


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  4. Oh goodness- those girls are just ADORABLE!!! We are planning to do photo cards this year too, since I found Pumpkin a green tutu to wear!! lol. I’m just hoping I can get her to smile! Any chance your taking new photography assignments during the holidays? 🙂


  5. Awesome. I think a homemade gift is so much more special. You taking a picture and having it placed on something (a mug, a calendar, a card, and album, whatever) is so special. I had a blanket made for my grandmother. I had a pillow made for my husband. I used a photo from one of our cruises and it serves as a comfort for the back and the heart!


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