Moments of Thanksgiving

For some they are more tender than others.

For some, it’s about the people around you and not the food.

My mother-in-law got a day pass on Thanksgiving day; to leave the hospital and be surrounded by loved ones. If you’ll notice, she rarely looks at the camera, because she is too busy looking at her children and grandchildren.

Sue has a surgery this morning. The Doctors will finish filling the aneurysm with coils. Please have her and the family in your prayers. This is the final step in her return home where she can continue to miraculously improve and enjoy these moments of thanksgiving without a day pass.

21 thoughts on “Moments of Thanksgiving

  1. Maddy

    Glad your mother-in-law was able to spend the holiday with you! I’m sure she was so excited to be surrounded by family! Keeping her in my prayers 🙂


  2. Beautiful photos once again. But it’s the story behind them that make them most captivating. I hope that she is recovering well, and will soon be joining you for Christmas. Looking forward to those photos. 🙂


  3. I am so happy to see these pictures, it is a blessing that she got a day pass for Thanksgiving, after the surgery it wont be long she will have this one behind her and will be enjoying time at home with you and the family.


  4. Due to all that is going on, I am so late reading posts. I am just now reading this. I did see somewhere (twitter, FB?) that she had a day pass, and I think by now she is actually home.

    But I still wanted to comment on this post because I LOVE your photos. I think that it is all that is going on in your life right now that is keeping you from taking that leap (remember that post? You are holding off on starting your business.) I think that once things settle, you will take a look at your photos and see them as we—your fans, your cheerleaders, your supporters—do—and then you will be ready.

    Fabulous pictures. I love the collage! Yay!


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