Facebook Teenage Angst

Back in my teen years there was no Facebook. No immediate social interaction with boys across the country, or globe. At the most you could be pen pals, remember those?


But if you didn’t like them anymore, or moved on to the next pen pal romance…..no big deal. Just stop writing. This was the 80’s.



Facebook completely changed things. You have immediate connections. Friends in common. Pictures to peruse and many, many other crush worthy items from her bio, to music, to interests. She likes silly bandz, she likes COOKING, she likes Hot Topic, and the mall. We are just alike….I Facebook HEART her. The boy creeps hard on her page, and her online hangouts. They can be from the same town, school, or even from across the country; like New Jersey.

From the Facebook platform communication can progress to text messaging, chat, and skype.

Then, when a teenage girl decides she doesn’t like a crushing boy. How does she lose this creep? It’s very similar to my day. Just stop texting skyping chatting talking facebooking. Simple.

Not so simple for him. He is still crushing on his Facebook teen idol.

Her. My daughter.

But she has moved on and is not looking back.

Teenage angst ensues.


And you would think that is the end. Crush over. He moves on.

But, noooooo!

See, Facebook gives you the option of listing your PARENTS on your Facebook page and if there is one thing a teenage crushing boy knows is his stalked’s page forwards and backwards (because he creeps it).

The boy emails the mom. In this case, ME.

And what could he possibly say?

He says, “Sydney is in a bad place and is cutting herself.”


Oh, and please don’t tell her he sent me a Facebook message. He is just trying to get her in trouble save her.

I’ll admit, I had a bit of angst myself. Did I know my child? Was she EMO? Was I missing something? Was I completely freakin’ BLIND?

Um. No.

This girl cries from a scratch that doesn’t break the skin. She points, and points to a tiny mark. I squint to see it but can’t. Mooommmm, it hurts. What hurts? I can’t see a thing!

Cutting? I don’t think so.

But I did learn something. Teenage crushes snuffed on Facebook cause great ANGST.

Poor guy.

It was pretty sneaky to facebook message the parent listed on her page. But, I didn’t fall for it. And he is soooo busted. Please, move on to your next victim crush. Sydney is just fine.

I don’t just Facebook with her. I live with her.

I know I sound old, but my how times have changed….

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Prompt 2) Angsty

22 thoughts on “Facebook Teenage Angst

  1. Oh Geez! We had one my daughter dated, for a very short time, start leaving insulting messages on her page. All of her friends joined in with “shut up” messages that I think she was enjoying, but I finally told her to “unfriend him Now!”


  2. Oh Man! Is this what I have to look forward to in about ten years? What in the world? And yes, I’m in complete denial that I will be a mother to three teenage girls at the same time. I’m just trying to stay afloat in the preschool/toddler years right now.
    Kids these days.
    Did you write notes in school to each other? That was our facebook.

    I had a hard time choosing a prompt this week:


  3. Are you serious? I am so glad to be free of high school drama. I once had the parent of one of my “best friends” send out anonymous type-written letters to 5 adults I was close with. In the letters, she basically tried to defame my character. I subsequently lost that friendship, and it took me a long time to get over some trust issues. Girls can be SO mean in high school! And now, boys? Sheesh…thank God Sydney’s got you there for protection! I am still so stunned over what he did!


  4. Wow! I can’t believe the boy emailed you at home! Good thing you know you’re daughter. Cyberworld can be pretty scary, I agree. We just need to educate our kids about how it works so they can use it wisely. I’m not looking forward to the high school years over here … begins next September! Geez …


  5. Indeed a scary thing, but it is far away. What if your 14 year old son had a crush on a girl, and he “breaks'” it off after 3 weeks and she is in denial? Then it is pretty scary in the real world as well. Indeed, how mean girls can be. Good for Sidney she has you.


  6. Sometimes I miss the good old days of having pen pals. I guess I’m one of the last generation who knew the age before the Internet and Facebook. Fortunately I still have contact to some of my pen pals who over the years have become really good friends… I hope they see it the same way and don’t think I’m stalking them 😉


  7. Funny, my wife and I were talking about this the other day when a couple we both knew broke up. Problem with Facebook and other social media, there’s traces of what you did everywhere! When I was a teen, getting rid of memories was easy – just throw away all the pictures. Now? You’ve got pictures of the two of you littered in so many different albums. Plus, for someone who hasn’t moved on like that boy, they see ALL that the person who has moved on does.


  8. And where exactly did he think that would get him? Back into her life? I think not. Just trying to get back at her? I am not looking forward to life when my 8 year old hits the teen years. If we have facebook now, what will be around for him?


  9. I couldn’t imagine being in high school these days! It was bad enough back then; now you have the constant reminders of how stupid your ex is!

    (Visiting from Mama Kat’s)


  10. Now you’re a vet at Facebook romances – you should write a book. Look at all the moms and dads who could benefit from your experience!

    I want to know where the parents are when the kids are Facebooking. Our computer is in the living room, I see all, I know all. I am The Boy’s FB friend, I look at what he’s writing, and to whom.


  11. Cyber Stalking? Yes this broken hearted fool crossed a line, it’s one thing to be concerned and quite another to lash out in this manner, he had no buisness contacting you in an attempt to cause trouble. I am proud you know your daughter so well and had no fears that she was doing harm to herself.


  12. Haha! I peep in my 2 daugters’ Facebook pages but I’m glad that they are now grown-ups! No crushing, no nothing I can be wary about. Sidney is just a typical growing gal, look, she has moved/is moving on! Regards Sweetie!


  13. Oh I am so often glad I am not a teenager or dating in the day and age of FB. Relationships are difficult enough without having that extra added pressure.

    I always FREAK out when I see a married friend’s status go to single. Geez. Too much.

    I can see why someone has a crush on Sydney though, she is really beautiful.


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