A Christmas Gift to Remember

Another busy weekend and it wasn’t spent shopping. That, I still need to do.

What I did do was take portraits of the little girls and their mom. It was my Christmas gift to her. I wanted her to have pictures of just her, and her girls. Ones she could share with her family and know they weren’t prints I’d have all over the walls of our house. Because, I LOVE prints of the girls all over the walls of our house, and I probably would. Which? Is why I made them a gift so I wouldn’t steal them ……they are hers.

I’ll just give you a peek.

It was a really nice day. I had my assistant Sydney with me. We went to a park. It was incredible to me that it is December and the leaves are still in color change.

It set a magical scene.

One of the many reasons, I love Texas. Maybe we don’t get to see snow that often, but we get FALL for a long, long time. Psssst, love it!

The girls were excited to have step mom, mom, and sister on an outing together. It was getting in a car and going somewhere. Just us girls – weee!

I was really happy to know they acted the same with her as they do at our house; giggly, loud, and silly – or just like normal little girls.

Sometimes, I get a little afraid when they show affection towards me. There was a time their mom wasn’t very happy about that.

That was a long time ago.

We have come a long way and made great strides toward blended family relations. Based on how we get along, I think a lot of things have changed for the better. Now, I hug with no fear, even her.

I recognize the beauty of mothers and daughters. I could never take that from any one, nor would I want to. I want to always support that bond and encourage their love. What child couldn’t use more love?

More hugs? More laughter?

Am I good person for doing this? People tell me I am. But I don’t think of it that way. I didn’t take photos to get ahead, or to earn favors, or smooth ruffled feathers. I took photos because I love these little girls.

I love them like I gave birth to them myself.

But I didn’t.

I have this woman to thank for that.

For two precious angels I get to love too. I hold that very dear to my heart. I am grateful, so grateful, for being blessed as their step mom.

Incredible husband, beautiful step daughters, stunning daughter, and an ex-wife that is open to my crazy ideas of family. If this is the time of year blessings are counted, I need more than my fingers and toes.

A time to reflect. A time to reach out. A time when we humble ourselves like the deity that crossed the heavens to be a helpless infant for our hope. Hope and love – a gift to always treasure.

I am embracing this time of year, and I am sharing gifts of a different kind. Ones I hope will always be remembered.

Now, I must go and edit my next set of pictures. I took them the next day. Another gift…..a gift of education, a gift of pure pride. My amazing husband got his masters degree and I was there to capture the exciting event (I wouldn’t have missed it – not even for a Survivor finale – right, honey?).

17 thoughts on “A Christmas Gift to Remember

  1. Great post, Angelia. I am so happy for you you get along with your step daughters so well and with there mom. Have a wonderful, wonderful Christmas and indeed, it is great to count your blessing, it makes me cheerful and happy!


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  3. Yogasavy

    Here in India what we do to take away the evil eye is ” Place a black spot behind each girls ear and your as well. Just to ward of those evil eyes! Please… Beautiful Family.. call me nuts/crazy or weird but this is meHave a wonderful time together


  4. Beautiful photos as usual–and I especially love the black and white ones. You sure have the right heart and attitude, no wonder it’s working for you. These girls are doubly blessed with two magnificent mamas–and the rest of the family is lavished, as well, because of your gracious example. I think, even more than the pictures, YOU are the best gift this Christmas. 🙂


  5. It takes two to make a thing go right! And I’m just glad that both of ya’ll are able to make it work for the benefit of all involved. It just goes to show how much you all love those girls. It’s so evident.

    Merry Christmas!


  6. And one day Angelia, you won’t be just taking the pictures of mom and her daughters, but you’ll be in them as well. It takes time, baby steps, sometimes two steps forward and one step backwards. But soon enough, there will be one with you in it as well.

    My ex-wife-in-law are standing side by side in both her daughters’ weddings. Last year someone took a great photo of the two of us holding “our” grand daughter. And this past October, there’s one of me and her, and my four bonus kids.

    Your images of mom and her girls came out so so beautiful. You are a talented and gifted photographer and mom is just going to love her Christmas present from you!!


    PS – want to guest blog an image and story on The Stepmom’s Toolbox?


  7. That is a wonderful gift. Both the pictures for mom and a gift to the little girls that you can reach out to each other and give them a happy family all the way around : )


  8. So funny . . . as I was looking through them I thought, “My favorite one is . . . ” Then I laughed because I don’t know why I am so inclined to do that — pick a favorite. Silly, huh? They are all great, but my favorite one is the one on the bridge where the girls are hugging her. So cute.

    I love so much that you all are working to get a long. I think it is the best thing in the world you adults can do for the children. It teaches them soooooo many lessons. I so admire all of you for getting along. I know there were bumps and I know there will be some in the future, but . . . . they will always, always, always, always have this and the effort. LOVE it.


  9. My eyes are dripping with jeolousy… I want that. What beautiful words… photos… life.

    You are so amazingly blessed to have such a relationship… I still can do nothing right or good in the eyes of ex-him or his girlfriend. Hopefully they just need time… hope.


  10. Angelia! I got my camera yesterday in the mail, and I am stoked! Your post made me even more excited to begin shooting. What kind of camera do you use, and what were the settings you set to take those pictures in the park? (Or, you may use some software…in that case…which one?) I just got a Canon SX30, and I am in artistic love. I will blog about the camera soon!


  11. Maddy

    What a wonderful gift! The gift of love, friendship and acceptance …oh, and pictures can’t hurt!! So glad you have an amicable relationship with their step mom! Wish my parents had a more friendly relationship growing up.


  12. runrettarun

    That is wonderful that you guys get along. It means so much for the children to see that then the fighting that a lot of people do. THey don’t realize it’s terrible for kids to see that. I have a feeling you’d get along w/ anybody!


  13. You girls have something very special right there… it’s something that not many blended families have!! My parents have been divorced over 13 years and they still don’t have that… it’s sad and makes things much harder on everyone.

    Love the photos and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!!


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