Hijackers Beware

Several times a day, as an emergency service travel agent, I get updates about news from around the world.

Strikes, floods, earthquakes, blizzards, diseases and country unrest. Oh boy! All the cheery, fun stuff – not!.

So, when I see a story like this on our feed, it makes me deliriously ecstatic.

Passengers foil Turkey ‘hijacking’
Source website: aljazeera.net

A hijack attempt on a Turkish Airlines flight from Norway to Istanbul has been foiled by passengers.

Turkish media, citing security officials, said a Turkish passenger on board the Boeing 737-800 stormed the cockpit less than an hour before arrival in Turkey on Wednesday.

Officials said the man claimed to have a bomb and demanded the aircraft return to Oslo.

But passengers on the flight tackled the suspect and the plane landed safely at Istanbul’s Ataturk airport at 1930GMT, media reports said

I don’t know any of the 60 passengers on board (including crew). Our agency did not have any on this flight, but I do know I want them to be on my next flight. Any of the I’m-not-taking-your-crap-anymore people would be my preferred seat partner. Come to think of it, anyone else who decides they want to fight and tackle terrorists – come on board. I think they deserve to fly free.

I know in this case the man had “issues” (don’t we all?) and if you ask me, I’d say terrorists have “issues” and “psychological” problems in general, but I digress.

If we all pumped some iron and took some defense classes, would we be safe to fly? TSA, can you hire flight marshalls and good ol’ boy bouncers?

If I were a hijacker…. I would start taking notes…..

150 vs. 1?

60 vs. 1?

300 vs. 1?

Steriods? Body builders? Adrenline rushes?

How many seats does this plane hold? Can you take on an angry mob? Airline passengers are the worst, especially since the airlines took their free blankets, pillows, and pretzels. Trust me, they are not happy.

I think next time I travel, I’m asking for a seat next to the buff Norweigan guy…….just to be safe.

Happy trails hijackers!

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15 thoughts on “Hijackers Beware

  1. I had a friend in high school who to went to see his college basketball team, the Kentucky Wildcats, play in the opposing team’s gym. He said that for most of the first half, the opposing team’s fans were giving him hell since he was in the minority.

    Then, at half time, the most amazing thing happened. The Kentucky Wildcat Rugby team came down to take their seats and took up the entire row directly in front of my friends.
    Amazingly, all the fans who had been giving my friend hell had nothing left to say.

    Take the seat next to the Norweigan guy. The only people who ever say size doesn’t matter in the fight are the big guys.



  2. I’ll be sitting next to you and that Norwegian guy.

    I have flown in small 2-4 people planes but never in a huge passenger plane.

    With everything going on I don’t know if I want to fly in one.


  3. Please take my picture off of this blog entry.

    I’m JUST KIDDING. I’m way more buff than that guy.

    Btw, I was on that plane, but as luck would have it was in the bathroom at the time. Phew!!


  4. Maddy

    I’m so glad there was a happy ending to this story, but I have to say that doesn’t make very happy to hear that every Dick, Tom & Harry is handing out bomb threats like candy…especially since we have to make a stop in Budhapest on our way to Greece!! Hopefully, nothing like that happens! And if it does, I want a seat next to the Norweigan guy too, because bless my hubby’s heart, he’s not much of a fighter :o/


  5. This Italian Family

    “TSA, can you hire flight marshalls and good ol’ boy bouncers?”

    Hehehe! I love it! Forget body scanners, let’s do this instead! 🙂


  6. I had flown in a big airplane with my 2 daughters on our Thanksgiving vacation this end of November. When I realized that my whole family was in there, I felt uncomfortable. But it was a glorious trip at last. I just said my prayers to calm my nerves.
    Although I admit that only last night, my youngest who was up on a plane on a business trip, made me sleepless until she texted me she was home safe. I”ll pray for good guys on board everytime we fly like the Norwegian and I’m sure it has a calming effect.


  7. This has nothing to do with the post, but today in church, I thought for sure I saw Sydney in the pews! No fooling! I did a double-take, since I’m so familiar with her face from all of your photos. I almost mouthed “Sydney?!?” but I knew better than to make a fool of myself during communion. Still, it made me chuckle, and I thought of you!

    PS…if there’s a buff Norwegian, Daniel-Craig-impersonating guy on MY flight, I’ll sit next to the bathroom, even!


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