Oklahoma Girls

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say they had been to Oklahoma before. They took to grandma’s house like old pros.

Their favorite, by far (even more so than the dogs), Grandma’s cottage. It has a loft full of toys. They decided it was their school, their house, and anything else they could imagine. Telling each other when to come home and where to park the scooter (yes, they found spots and scooters).

Discovering a "little" house.

It was so much fun watching them.

The play loft in Grandma's cottage.

I love the tiny couch up in the loft. It reminded me of Alice in Wonderland.

Bridget in wonderland.
Playing in the loft.

It’s funny. Now that I am uploading and looking at these pics. I am noticing some of the loft toys were in the yard and I made them put them back inside. How did they get them down? Oh boy. Sorry Mom!

Bridget on an antique rocking horse that still works.

Molly in the yard with Sweetie. She lives up to her name; a very sweet dog.

Bridget loved holding Mom’s little Chihuahua named, “Tiny”. Last time I saw her she was a puppy, and well, she hasn’t grown much.

Bridget and Tiny.

We were not disappointed by the country either. Mom’s next door neighbor’s donkey had a baby. Say it with me, “Awhhh!”

They were scared of me and wouldn’t get too close. I used my zoom lens to try and capture them. I just LOVE animal babies!

Mom and baby.

We had no issues there and back with the kids (thank-you iPhones!). Molly learned to text message (really, really well). You can thank her step-sister Sydney. Sydney was my Day 8 of the 365 project photo. You can check my Flickr account for the photograph.

Sorry this is short, but it’s five minutes until midnight after a long day and this is my promised post of the day.

Goodnight all!

10 thoughts on “Oklahoma Girls

  1. Short is fine. Easier for us loyal readers to keep up. 🙂

    Great pictures. I always love pictures of the beautiful girls, but my favorite in this group is the last one with the two donkeys!

    Lovely post. You are doing it! Yay! Rah-rah-rah!


  2. Sydney

    Yes, the trip was fun! Texting Molly was quite amusing. Love the picture with Sweetie and I. Had to make it my profile pic on Facebook! 😀


  3. Maddy

    So sweet! Who wouldn’t want to hang out and play in an adorable little cottage like that?! Glad the girls had a great time! I’m totally digging that small sofa…CUuuuuTE!


  4. Jason

    It’s both cool and frightening to know that a 6-year old can send text messages. I’m thinking we need to replace her iPhone with an iPod Touch. She did send a couple of texts from my iPhone to her mom.. lol

    I know what I’m getting her for her 7th birthday!


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