Cloudy with a Chance of Chili

Because the weatherman predicted SNOW. Snow in North Central Texas.

Snow is rare. Snow is a miracle. We get excited over snow. Really excited!

So, this is how my day started.

Cold Temps hit Texas igniting a fire of warmth.

The chilly 30’s. A nice warm fire. Pretty glowing colors of orange toasting tootsies sporting purple fuzzy socks.

Ahh, winter. Finally!

Then it got better.

Jason's famous winning chili

Jason made us chili. His chili cook-off winning chili (the mild kid-friendly version). Yum!


Big fat chunks of SNOW, yes SNOW, came falling from the sky. Just like they said!

Snow! Snow! It’s snowing!!! It’s snowing!!

A rare snow in Texas.

But it wasn’t sticking. AT. ALL.

Finally it started to stick, so I’d have proof!

A pansy snow (heh).

If you squint, you can see it. Keep looking. It’s there…..squint…..there. Did you see it?

I swear a few moments later. The snow stopped failing. What was there, faded away; leaving a hydrated landscape sans the snowflakes.

Boo snow. Boo.

Supposedly, we will get sleet tonight. Now, that sounds more like Texas weather. Fierce ice chips hurling down to pelt and burn. Then, a nice, dangerous commute skating on black ice and playing bumper cars.

Plus, there is a 100% chance of leftover chili. Oh yeaaah!

15 thoughts on “Cloudy with a Chance of Chili

  1. I love snow! We have had some this year and it caused chaos here as we don;t get it very often and certainly not the kind that sticks but for some reason in 2010 it did,twice! Closed the schools and everything, yay! I’m hoping we’ll get some more soon.


  2. I remember you telling me not to long ago it hardly ever snows there, but it does happen. Last year I remember you having snow also. Didn’t you post pics of last years snow? I think you did. I remember how beautiful it looked.

    Love love LOVE chili. Might have to make a pot of it myself soon before the weather warms back up.


  3. Was that a bag of Fritos sitting behind the chili bowl?!? If so, please air mail me a bowl of that chili. We have ample snow here, so I know a bowl of award-winning chili would do me worlds of good. Oh, and can you make sure it’s piping hot when it gets here? Thanks! 🙂


  4. Maddy

    LOL!! Snow on the forecast, really?! After the big blizzard we had two weeks ago, if it’s not a bout a foot of snow, it doesn’t count ;o)


  5. suzicate

    I would have been happy to send you a few snowballs over Christmas! It snowed huge ice balls (not flakes, so I guess it was sleet) on Saturday. It was coming down so heavy I could hardly see in front of me! What was surprising was that it was 45 degrees, so needless to say it only stuck on the grass, not the streets, and melted quickly! It was pretty but so glad it didn’t amount to anything…however, calling for some tonight. We’ve already had more snow here in two weeks than we’ve had for entire winters for many years…yikes!


  6. Seriously – the chili looks so awesome. I could go for a bowl right now! Please be careful on the black ice skating rink of a highway out there…we’re expecting a nor’easter on Wednesday…hmmm…I think I’ll make my famous turkey chili!!

    Love your new background 🙂


  7. We had snow on Christmas Day, then again while we slept last night and they are predicting it for next weekend. So much snow…we usually get more ice than snow.
    I think it’s pretty while its falling, but not after it’s dirty.
    However I did make snow cream. YUMMY!!


  8. runrettarun

    There is nothing like chili in when it’s snowing outside!! Glad you guys had fun in Oklahoma. One of these days, we’ll have to meet up when you come to “the city.” 🙂


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