Technical Difficulties

My wordpress is not working.

The site is all kinds of wrong. I don’t code or build the site and I am guessing someone hit the wrong button on my theme. I even tried my phone app, but no luck. I can’t upload pics. Oh I could upload to photobucket and copy the code, and blah, blah, blah. But really?

I am just too lazy. Today was unbelievable. Do you know how many passengers fly through or to Atlanta when you work for #8 business travel company?

Try upwards of 33,000 and I think they all called our office today (and that is just on Delta).

I would have had to take and service over 100 calls today just to keep up my share of the workload. Yeah. It was that bad.

I also missed a linky for another iHeart photo challenge and I had a good one to enter.

So, I am bummed.

I am going to upload the only photo I took today and add to flickr and project 365. We had wimpy frost. That’s it. No sleet. No snow. Just frost.

I will consider today an accomplishment, because? I posted my daily post.

Sorry it’s so crappy. 🙂 It’s not me, and it’s not you. WordPress is messed up, yo.

Hope you all had a better Monday!

My first photography class is tomorrow. I have my book and my note pad. I feel like a little kid on her first day of school.


I’m nervous (ha). I’ll let you know how it goes.

P.S.-Jan 11th AM-It’s working again! Yay!

15 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties

  1. Oh no! WordPress is down? That’s no good…I haven’t experienced any problems today yet, but then again, I haven’t been on since this morning. And yes, this post still counts! I got to learn that you are taking a photography class, so that’s new information! Good luck! You’ll be great!


  2. So…I shouldn’t tell you I got my photo uploaded and linked to the photo challenge then 🙂 (seriously…check out what I posted…way too cute!)

    Have a blast in your photography class…I get schooled every time I hang out with my friend Jaime…all I want is a speed light flash now…


  3. Hi Angelia, I’ve had those problems with my WordPress site as well, and luckily my husband is a computer geek/engineer. He upgraded the site. I not sure how he did that, I can ask him, if you want me. It might be not working/uploading pictures because you have so many pictures on your site, or, at the moment you are uploading the pictures, you have too many tabs and other sites running on your pc.

    Have fun with your classes, I heard they are very interesting and fun to follow.


  4. Hi Angelia, I hope you get your site difficulties sorted soon. If you need low cost techie help you could try All actions cost just $5 and there are some really great techies on there. Happy New Year to you.

    Enjoy the journey.



  5. Maddy

    Have fun at the photography class! I’ve been there – panic stricken – because the blog is not functioning properly 😦 Hope you’re able to fix it and go back to your daily posting routine!


  6. I’ve had problems with wp too, which is why I switched to the dot org version.
    Still, 1/2 the time, I can’t confirm subscriptions over here, or the pages won’t load. I’m persistent though and don’t give up because my favorite reads are here! You, Sherri, Gary, Girl From the Ghetto….


  7. I think this whole city shut down over this snow. I didn’t get mail service for almost an entire week (6 days, seriously). What happened to their old through rain or snow or whatever they heck else they are supposed to work through?


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