Digital Destiny

Did I ever tell you why I got my camera? It wasn’t just from scouring blogs and seeing Ahh-mazing pictures, wishing I could take photos like those (that was part of it). But it was also because of my Dad.

He always had a camera. He always took pictures. Now, were they good pictures? Eh, not so much, but he loved taking them.

We have pictures of every cat he had, every dog, every weekend visit. When he was stationed in Germany, he took tons of pictures of quaint German towns he visited, and other places in Europe. Plus, every visit as adults with and without grandkids. Every one.

And he didn’t take them just of us, and his pets. He took them of every animal he ever found as well. His hog nose snake, Inky Stinky the skunk, turtles, lizards, and more. Any wild life he found or discovered, he was taking a photo. The last one I remember him showing me, with deep chuckles and grins, were of three baby raccoons trapped in a trash can at the local park. The pictures were found laid out on his desk after he died.

He had discovered the triplets on his daily walk, ran home and got his camera, then tipped the can low enough to take their picture inside. Then he called the park ranger to rescue them and waited until he did. He got the biggest kick out of that. Those baby coons in the trash. Little scavengers with thoughts of sweet nothings in their head having no idea they’d get stuck and be using their big eyes to peer up and spot my Dad.

That was my Dad. He loved wild life. He loved animals. He had a heart for rescue and nature. With all his might, he would try to capture those moments with his little disposable camera.

When he died, I used some funds from his insurance policy to buy my Nikon D3000; my first DSLR. A tribute to him. A camera that does capture what you want it to, in the way you want it to, without ever disappointing. It’s amazing.

It ignited a fire, a desire to learn everything about photography. And now, I have taken the next step in my journey. One year after purchasing my DSLR, and one year after my father’s death, I took my first class to get certified in photography, and not only know my way around the lens creatively, but technically as well.

I met my teacher last night. He is a wild life and landscape photographer. He volunteers at Fossil Rim (an animal wild life park), and at the local animal shelter (plus he teaches photography every night).

Don’t think I didn’t catch the significance in that. Don’t think I didn’t notice his love of animals. And don’t think I didn’t miss his teaching pictures are of meerkats and hawks.

Don’t think I didn’t realize how destined this class was. Oh Dad, my Daddy-O, you are here. In my heart and with me every step. I miss you and I thank you for the love you instilled. I know you would be proud, and just as delighted as I am.

If I did happen to miss all those important things, I certainly would not have missed the picture I took later that night for my 365 project.

I saw the “one” significance to my day. All the ones pointing up towards the heaven. Do you know there is a story that when it’s 11:11 all the Angels point their wings to the sky? I don’t know if this is a true tale, or a child’s tale, but I always think of that when I see 11:11. Yesterday not only was it 11:11, it was 1/11/11.

I saw my digital destiny and I can’t wait.

15 thoughts on “Digital Destiny


    Ok, I don’t even know what that means, really, I just wanted to use it and I think it is AWESOME that your photography teacher is such an animal lover as was your dad. So amazing. So destined, as you said.

    This is a lovely post.


  2. What a tribute to your father that you are doing this. And think about how expensive in time and money it was to take so many pictures back then–we are blessed with technology aren’t we, that we can take photo after photo after photo and only print (or upload) the best ones. But there is something magical in the entire process.

    Good for you.

    Have an Extraordinary Day!


  3. This Italian Family

    What an incredible tribute to your father. It’s interesting to read this because there is a definite note of sadness at the loss of your father, but also an overwhelming note of hope for the future that I just love. Thanks for sharing. I hope the class continues to go well for you!


  4. Oh man, it all fell into place just exactly like it was supposed to. Isn’t it cool when you see and recognize that in the hustle and bustle of our every day?? So often times it gets lost.

    I’d never heard that about angels pointing their wings to the sky, but now I’ll think about that (and you!) when I see 11:11. 🙂


  5. Just like you, I take pictures because of my dad. He always has a camera in his hands. And when I was a baby, he used the bathroom as a dark room so he could develop his own pictures…especially the ones he took of me.

    And now I’m the one with a camera in my hand 🙂

    Have fun in class!


  6. One more thing we have in common 🙂 My dad is also into photography! Actually, I remember I always had the “latest” camera and he would happily take all my film to develop 🙂 Even though we don’t talk anymore, I’d like to think that I inherited that “photography” gene from him and that somehow, we’re connected because of it! Have fun at your photography class!


  7. That is just cool.

    I love those little pieces of confirmations, that we are doing what we are supposed to be doing – living the way we are supposed to be living.
    I would love to take a class. Maybe soon? I can’t wait to hear about what you learn, and see the even more beautiful (is that possible) pictures you take.


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