Windy with a Chance of Chilly

Real chilly, the why can’t I feel my fingers anymore chilly. The ohmygosh chill to the bone chilly.

It’s friggin’ chilly.

Welcome to dowtown Chicago in the dead of winter. Where you will find snow and wind tunnels. Brrrrr.

I almost titled this post – Now I know why people in the North wear hats. Because I do.

I broke down and put my scarf over my head like a sixty-year old. Yes I did. We had fifteen more minutes of walking and it felt like 14 degrees outside. It was survival, and it worked. I survived (barely).

Today, I’ve seen snow. I’ve rode the blue line. Toured a 777, flagship lounge, and traffic control tower for AA’s runway H & K at O’Hare. It was very cool.

I have walked all of downtown, or at least it feels that way. I’ve seen many hotel rooms and several hotels. All were really nice.

My room is a two-room suite. All Kimptons have spa tubs and bath robes. I feel so spoiled.

We were treated to an amazing full-course meal at the 312 restaurant. OMG. To die for.

It’s been a good trip. I like it here. I’m real sad to leave so soon. There is so much more I’d like to see.

But…maybe another time. Our flight is at 11am. Here is an iPhone pic from the trip. I’m hoping I got some cool shots with my Nikon. I’ll upload tomorrow when I get to my computer.

Which means? This post is by iPhone, please pardon any spelling errors.

Off to see the sandman, this traveling Texan is wore out. Night all.

10 thoughts on “Windy with a Chance of Chilly

  1. It’s so cool that you stayed at Kimpton. Did I tell you that my middle daughter works for Kimpton hotels? She’s a training server for their restaurant here at the Pacci Restaurant inside the Palomar hotel here in Atlanta!


  2. Dang! You are so amazing.

    Great pic with the iPhone. Blogging from the iPhone! Doing the DAILY post! You are AWESOME!!!!!!!

    Your trip sounds awesome. ” traffic control tower for AA’s runway H & K at O’Hare” SERIOUS???? DANG! AWESOME! What a job you have.

    I’ve been to Chicago during horrible rain storms. I was driving and I actually thought the thunder was RIGHT (I mean DIRECTLY over my head). In the car, I ducked! Not so abnormal for Texas, but we don’t get storms like that here (in CA) so it was incredible!

    Glad you had a great but cold time!


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