Child’s Play

Do you remember your childhood obsession?

Inoccent Wonder

*My entry in this week’s iheart faces challenge*

This is hers. She got this box of colored stones (she calls marbles).

She loooooves them.

She counts them.

She categorizes them (by color and shape).

They are people. They are on a journey.

They interact. They imagine. They dream.

They need protection (a box), guidance (direction), and friends (fellow colors).

She cares for them and helps them get to where they are going (home, school, work, play).

They are not just stones. They are important.

I think we can learn a lot from preschoolers.

Don’t you?

Dream. Imagine. Play.

19 thoughts on “Child’s Play

  1. kloppenmum

    We’ve reduced all our kids toys down to these kinds of open ended objects. Their imaginative play is incredible and their ability to entertain themselves impressive…just like your daughter’s it seems.


  2. There was a time when the imagination is all we needed to play. Now most of the time children need some thing else to inspire them, something complicated or technical. It’s lovely to see a child enjoying something so simple and being so creative with these ordinary items. These photos are lovely.

    Enjoy the journey.



  3. Maddy

    What a fantastic series of photos! And yes, there’s soo much we can learn from preschoolers. I’m trying to remember my childhood obsession?? I can’t think of anything else but reading! I always had my head (as soon as I learned how to) in a book!


  4. Yes, I think we can learn a lot from preschoolers. And I think we ask them to grow up and change entirely too soon.
    Beautiful pictures, beautiful thoughts, beautiful girl. Thank you for sharing her simple joy with us.


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