The Journey of Choosing a Photo Edit

Tonight, we dined – on fish! Lots and lots of fish.

My friend, husband, and greatest supporter introduced me to sushi. I only tried it because he loved it. I’m so glad I was brave for love’s sake. I heart sushi. My entire life I did not eat fish, nor like fish. Any fish. I hated it. I did not even want to try sushi. Now? I am a sushi monster. Love!

So, tonight after a birthday party at Dave & Buster’s, we head out for sushi. I was not only thrilled about getting to eat sushi. I was also thrilled to get a picture of sushi for my 365 Project.

This time I didn’t spend too long picking the photo. I got that. But what grabbed me in rapt attention was the edits on this photo. From the original picture, to applying different edits; the picture came alive in all different ways.

This is where photography supersedes to a whole new level. It’s not just the angle, the settings, and the shot. It can be about the edits too.

Here is the picture I took.

Sushi Original Image - used vibrance for color boost.

The rest are the same image using edits (I use Picnik) to enhance/change texture or coloring.

Sushi Infrared Film edit
Sushi Lomo-ish edit.
Sushi Holga-ish edit.
Sushi HDR-ish edit.
Sushi CinemaScope edit.
Sushi Orton-ish edit.
Sushi 1960's edit.

Pretty cool, eh?

I’m leaning towards the Orton-ish for my Day 29 photograph, but torn between that, and the CinemaScope, or HDR-ish. See what I mean?

Thing is, none of these are a better image than the other – they are the same image. It all comes down to preference.

Which is your favorite edit?

14 thoughts on “The Journey of Choosing a Photo Edit

      1. My eighth grade students are doing a photo editing project and I showed them this post. They chose the HDR-ish and Lomo-ish. One of my kids is the Picnik Queen, and she is instructing all the others in how to use Picnik. Love being a teacher…. most days. 🙂


  1. Diddy

    Hey Angela I got something to share with all… I’m using picnik, photoshop and photoscap for photos editing. Photoscap is the best so far, you can download them free and use whenever you need or want 🙂 Have fun!


  2. I can’t decide between the first and the third. I think I like the Holga-ish, but black and white food needs to be super sharp. You’re good! VERY good!!


  3. OMG, I’m craving some sushi like you’d never believe. These pictures are a little bit overwhelming for me!!!!

    I can’t wait til this boy is outta me, just so I can munch on some spicy tuna and salmon!!! 🙂 The veggie rolls and crabmeat only gets you so far.


  4. My favorite edit is the 1960’s version. But I really just like the original picture.

    I understand the need/desire to edit, but to me a great picture has to be taken . . . . I kinda feel like it is cheating when it is edited . . . . but I know it happens. I started doing it because I would have to spend too much time TAKING pictures and I would take 40 to get one picture. Now I take 5 and “fix” it.


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