I am not a crook!

At least………..I didn’t mean to be.

Let me e’splain.

I set-up a pseudo studio and proceeded to shoot the only model I had available. She’s a little fuzzy, but does well in a pinch. Plus, she is the easiest to get to stay put.

Pet's next top model - Brownie.

We have homework due on a flash drive and I needed the practice. I was trying out metering and tone, but I was having trouble with the white. I had something set wrong, lighting wrong, ISO wrong, or shutter speed wrong. So, I was trying to change that, keep two other dogs from grabbing the ball, and get Brownie to look at me.

It was WORK.

Then, my shutter stuck. It just stopped and I got an error on the screen. No matter what I did, I could not get the error to go off. I could not get the shutter to unstick. This had never happened before. I turned the camera off then on. I took the lens off, then put back on. Nothing worked. Nothing.

My built-in flash lock broke a few weeks ago. It won’t pop up. It hasn’t been a big deal because I have the SB-600 flash. I don’t use, or need the little one. This error, to me, just told me something else broke on the camera. Period.

It’s actually not a huge ordeal (oh, ok NOW it’s not). I have coverage on the camera. No matter what happens…if I drop it, get it wet, or if it stops working…no biggie. It’s covered. But, I have to send it off. It’s not really a good time. For one, I’m in the middle of class. Dang!

Jason, and I had talked about getting me a new camera for my birthday in August. It’s the big 4-0. I found out from my instructor in class that after Digital Photography II, I would most likely want to upgrade my camera. The one I have now doesn’t do off-sync flash, and a few other things that helps a professional (which is what I hope to be).

So, my camera just up and breaks in the middle of these “talks”. I totally see it as a sign. Plus, I booked a wedding February 12th – it’s kinda important I have a camera. A working one. Ahem.

All I can say is that Jason is the kindest, most understanding, patient man on this planet (and I married him – score!).

We shopped, compared, considered, thought ahead, waffled – okay, maybe it was mostly me. He smiled. He agreed. He supported. He paid.

Nikon D90


She is a beauty. And guess what? I have no clue how to work her. I do know changing the settings is waaaay easier. But every button is different. In the last week, I had made leaps and bounds in learning how to change all my settings and use manual on my Nikon D3000. Now, I am starting all over because it broke (sorta).

See, it didn’t actually break…….yah.

A friend on Facebook commented on my status and asked if I possibly locked up the mirror? Huh?

So when I got home with my new camera, I reset the mirror on my old one (found the mirror lock on the menu).

The camera works just fine.

Jason thinks I pulled a camera shark trick.

Jason says, “You got me good.”

He wishes he would have checked to see if the camera was in fact broken.

It was.

I swear.

Now, I have two cameras. A main one, and a back-up – in case one breaks – like mine tend to do (amazingly, right when I hope for a new one).

In retrospect, I probably should have googled it, but I promise……I am not a crook!


I love you, Jason! Thanks for putting up with me.

17 thoughts on “I am not a crook!

  1. All I can say is you have a GREAT husband! I’ve been considering taking a photography class. Of course, I’ll need a new camera too! (just got one for Christmas, but I’ll need a professional one 😉 err ehmmm Can I call Jason when I need a new one? Enjoy both those cameras!


  2. I have a Nikon D3000 as well & had no idea you could do that! But then again, I am not a photographer so I just shoot away without worrying about all the do dads on it! ha ha!

    Enjoy your new camera!


  3. Your camera talk confuses me! Lol. I have a very simple one and all I do is point and click. But your ingenuity amazes me. Good deal. And congrats on scoring Jason. You are one smart cookie. 😉



  4. I think you need a back up camera anyway. I think that if you do have a backup camera it is important to know how to do everything on it that you can do on your “regular” camera.

    My husband ALWAYS checks everything I say is broken. He checks everything ANYONE says is broken. He is the electronic-gizmo-whisperer, I swear! Something will be BROKEN and he touches it and it works BETTER than it ever had. FRUSTRATING!


  5. Hahahaha- I love it. I am going with the general consensus and saying a second camera never hurt anyone. You needed to have it early enough to learn how to use it before that wedding anyway. You sound like my brother in law though – always finding some upgrade he really “needs” for his camera. I better be careful listening to you two or I am going to start wanting things I don’t need!


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