Ice Ice Baby – TOO COLD

I am being featured over at The Red Dress Club today (Feb. 2nd). Be sure to click over and read my interview. I tell you what animal my husband most resembles (snicker). In all seriousness, they are well worth the click. All my fiction writing has been inspired by these wonderful women and the writers that take part. This is an incredible site to grow your love of writing and have a lot of supporters offering feedback. So big thanks to them!

Icy steps

These are the steps at our house.

You see…..nothing has melted. Our lovely temperature high was 17. The low 10. Windchill somewhere around zero. Let me just assure you, I have NEVER been this cold in my LIFE. We don’t have a fence. So, when the dogs go out, I have to make sure they don’t run away supervise them. I think I mentioned yesterday, they LOVE the snow/ice and go out often.

I can’t take it.

My fingers freeze within about five minutes (with gloves on). I am a wimp.

I told her not to go there and guess what? She slipped!

I’ll admit. The good folks of North Central Texas are weak. We are soft. Our blood is very thin. We break out the big coats when it hits 50 degrees. Seriously!

It is day three of ICE. It is not going anywhere tomorrow either.


Ice, Ice baby – too cold, too cold.

On a happier note, Sydney and Jason spotted a beautiful cardinal out the window. I didn’t see it. I repeat: I didn’t see it! After much yelling and carrying on about WHERE this cardinal was and I still didn’t see it. The camera was snatched from my grasp by The Teen. In my SHOCK (yes it was the new one), she pointed and shot through the window to show me the cardinal. I finally SAW IT! Then I cropped the pic and added an edit. It sure is a welcome splash of color in this dreary land of ICE.

I am breaking out of this joint tomorrow. The walls are closing in. My mind is going flat and I am sick of TV. I can’t even do anything productive because I just sit and try to stay warm leaving me thoughtless. I admitted I’m weak!

Yes, every Packer and Steeler fan are entertained by our “little storm” in Texas. Shaking their heads and giving us a “there, there now”. We are pitiful. I know.

All schools are canceled tomorrow. The wrath of the Snowpocalypse and the great freeze of Superbowl town continues.

24 thoughts on “Ice Ice Baby – TOO COLD

  1. Yogasavy

    I have been reading about the cold or icy spell taking place in USA… If I can make you a bit jealous but here in India the warm weather is not supposed to hit till middle of March well it has begun to warm up and it is just the first week of Feb!


  2. My goodness, what a beautiful picture of that bird! And the others, very well taken, Angelia. You are really good at it! I wish you strength with the cold and the ice. Take care, and if i is too hard, come and visit us! 😦 It is not that warm, 64 degrees at the most and very windy, but better that 18 degrees πŸ™‚


  3. I don’t think I could take that much cold. I want to hibernate when it drops lower than 70. This is all most unusual, wouldn’t you say? I love your pictures. The one of the cardinal is worth an award.
    Stay warm. I’m grateful that all of that isn’t here.


  4. First of how, how do you work, take care of a family, photography and find time to blog and enjoy all your favorite sites? I admire that. You must be really focused.
    I usually read my favorite blogs in the morning over coffee before getting ready for work and I swear every day I say to myself… “that’s it, I’m writing a blog as soon as I get in from work today!” Somewhere between getting in the door and all the other stuff that needs done, it gets pushed on the back burner. *sigh*

    You are a VERY talented photographer and I think you will do well in your passion. Nothing like the dream then the reality of owning your own business. I dream of owning a cupcake/coffee/blog shop! lol

    P.S. loved the interview over @ red dress club!


  5. I hear you on being sick of the cold! Actually, it looks like you braved the weather more than I have (if only for the dogs!). I’ve stayed indoors all day everyday…hence no pictures from me!


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  7. I think some of the snow is pushing down this way tonight – and tomorrow morning. And I have to say, I’m so so SO excited about it. Remember your first snow day? That’s how I feel. πŸ™‚


  8. Isn’t our weather so strange? Okies and Texans are the same when it comes to snow and ice – we freak! The walls definitely were closing in on us too. Luckily daycare is finally open. πŸ™‚ The cardinal picture is great!


  9. I just finished salting the sidewalk outside my house and clearing the ice. Something one expects in Northern NY, but not in Texas. Your temperature is colder today than ours-we’re actually above freezing. The cardinal is one of the few birds that sticks around here in the winter. Always a cheerful sight!


  10. Tom G.

    Awesome pictures! And don’t pay any attention to those Steeler and Packer fans. In another 2 weeks you will be back in 60 degree weather, and they will still be freezing there butts off.

    Also, if you want to see weak, come to Minnesota when the temp tops 90 in the summer. You’ve never seen a group of grouchier folks. It’s all what you get used to.


  11. I don’t like to be hot more than I don’t like to be cold, but what you have going on is not cold, it is FREEZING. Eeeeek.

    I will tell you a warm thought. We are having awesome weather. Bright and beautiful. It is so gorgeous people are forgetting it is WINTER. I still think it is cold, but many are wearing shorts and sandals. So odd.

    Beautiful picture.

    I still think that I would stand inside and yell at the dogs to stay in their yard, rather than go outside and freeze. Or maybe I would get doggy pee pads because I know I wouldn’t be standing outside waiting for them to do their business as they run around and play! Too cold.


  12. That cardinal is gorgeous! Love that capture.

    I feel your pain. We’re certainly used to cold in Colorado, but we had 48 hours BELOW ZERO. UGH! Wind chill took it down to something stupid like -35 to -45. We were actually doing a happy dance today because we might get UP to freezing!! That’s so wrong. Terribly wrong. Hope it’s warming up in your neck of the woods.


  13. Stopping by from SITS. Stay warm!! The cardinal reminds me of growing up in Virginia. We moved away when I was 13 and when I went back to visit, it was one of the first things I saw. I didn’t realize how cute they were until I was gone. Great shot!



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