The Making of a Pet Star

First you take (preferably) a camera-shy pet.

Notice camera shy pet - faces away from the camera.

Give them a little boost of confidence. Like a nice scarf to wear.

Have the pet face their fears - like modeling.

Encourage their performer to break out.

Calm them with sweet words and lots of pats.

Speak nothing of lights, camera, and action. That will make them nervous. Speak of fame, fortune, and top shelf kibble.

A scared pet model just needs direction, and the right clothes.

If nerves show in the eyes. Never fear. It will only magnify their fear. That is not what we want.

We want star performance. We want runaway strut. We want diva.

Help them embrace the calm and find their inner focus.

Praise them with love and whispers of encouragement.

Have them envision world peace and yoga breathing.

Inside your pet, there is a canine goddess waiting to be free. Give you dog the bow to WOW.

With these tips, a chic wardrobe, and a great photographer (heh), your pet will shine in no time.

Straight to the top.

Strike a pose.

America, just in time for Valentine’s day, we have the next sweetheart of Animal Planet.

Miss Anna in her high fashion winter garmets.

Please give her some paw. What a lovely lady and faaaaabulous pet model superstar.

Disclaimer**No pets were harmed in the making of this post. Special thanks to costume designer Molly and stylist/acting coach Sydney.**

**This post may or may not be a result of abnormally cold temperatures affecting the minds of warm bodied (mostly normal) family members who suddenly get the urge to dress and model their dogs.**

**Anna is fine**

**I promise!**

That’s a wrap!

23 thoughts on “The Making of a Pet Star

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  2. superjessleong

    awwh!! that is too cutee!! lol! too bad i dont have any “models” at home 😛 excpet maybe stuffed animals! but they cant compare to the real thing! that is awesome! looks like a lot of fun!


    1. Ellen- She is a greyhound/lab mix (we think). She is a very, very skittish. But oh she is so expressive! I love photographing her and I’ve been trying to get her cute little frown. She actually furrows her eyebrows. She is a super sweet girl, very smart. Greyhounds are just very funny dogs. I had no idea until I got her. She brings much joy and laughter to our house. Especially after pictures when we see her many faces. HA.


  3. Yogasavy

    I must admit I had to take a second look at the title coz I read it as The makings of a Porn Star!
    Wonder where my brain was heading…….
    Great pictures


  4. Kim Ward Storch

    Well that was classic….my dogs better watch out today! I’m going to check out my closet now and dust off the camera. Say Cheeeeseeeee my four legged friends. 🙂

    Thanks for the smiles. They warmed my heart.


  5. You guys are having way too much fun over there! Anna’s is adorable. I could see her getting more relaxed as your pictures went on and by the end I think she might have actually been enjoying it. Thanks so much for stopping by and dropping on comment on my SITS day. I hope you (and Anna) have a great weekend!


  6. Ha! Those pictures are hilarious, especially her wide-eyed desperate look : D I have a beagle, but my only pictures of her are sleeping because she’s so impossible to photograph when she’s awake—constantly moving!


  7. That’s one good lookin’ dog!

    Hey! Happy Belated New Year! I’ve been MIA. Nice to be back on your site.

    I’ve finally given in and we’re in the process of getting a dog. Not sure what I’m getting myself into, but I’m closing my eyes, crossing my fingers, and hoping for the best.

    Take care


  8. I am rolling around, literally, I am on my stability ball!

    You are so funny. Yeah, I know this post is not the result of cold weather. You girls are just too funny when you are all together.

    Great post. Love your collage!!!! Sydney cracking up, cracked me up!


  9. LOL this is so cute! We tried to take Christmas pictures with our dog but she doesn’t like the flash but my sister forgot to turn it off so the rest of the night we were holdign her down lol… poor thing. we didn’t end up using any of those though 😦 ill try these tips next time looked like it worked pretty well…

    its definitely true about fear being magnified…


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