On the Road to SuperBowl XLV

We saw some pretty fantastic sights. And this was before the game, not only that, we didn’t even go to the game. We were just trying to get a burger at Sonic. The closest Sonic to our house happens to be on one of the roads to the Cowboys Stadium.

Since yesterday I have been hearing planes buzzing. I hear jets all the time, but little plane buzzes – not so much. Until SuperBowl XLV that is. You might as well not even try to sleep in, because they are relentless in their quest to advertise.

So on the way to Sonic, on the road to SuperBowl XLV, I spot SIX planes in the air flying with banners. The back-up to get into the stadium, luckily enough, began right after Sonic. Excellent!

However Sonic’s credit card machine was down, so on the road to ANOTHER Sonic which goes back by our house since it’s the opposite direction. I remember. I have some cash in my nightstand. AND my camera. Back we go while I snap away. I didn’t get the six planes in the air, but I did get a few.

Then, we saw this creepy guy, riding a bike, and carrying a backpack. Does he look suspect or what? Sorry for the quality of the shot, this was taken through a moving car’s back tinted window. He is wearing a camouflage face mask, a plastic mohawk bald cap, and goggles. What’s in his backpack? Who knows!

We saw cowboy parking attendants. You could find a parking space for $50.00 if you parked a couple of miles away. Not to shabby.

We get back to the Sonic with our cash (credit card machines still down, phone service also went dead), and the bomber biker is a few clicks back. Now the Sonic had a parking sign too.

Then I glimpsed a figure in a glass front window.

Could it be? The sparkly white suit and sideburns, I’d know that guy anywhere.

Is it Elvis?

Why yes, yes it is.

Thank you…thankyouverymuch!

Who knew he was a Steelers fan?

I had no desire to go to the game (and join the masses and madness), but it sure was fun getting a burger for lunch!

Our favorite sign on the Road to SuperBowl XLV…….

Sign reads – Avoid the crowds parking and luxury transportation across the street.

And what’s across the street you ask?


For real.

It’s brilliant in it’s own way. If they even got one? That’s a good Sunday.

These guys are true entrepreneurs. I like how they have the machine all set up for credit too. I apologize for the blur. Moving car, and I just had to wave, since they spotted the camera and all.

Aren’t they cute? Much better than the scary biker fan.

So that was our brief (and incredibly entertaining) outing for the day.

The game was GREAT. Loved the heart the Packers played with and the Darth Vader cutie commercial was my favorite.

Congratulations Packer Champions!

Now, Arlington? Can we please get back to normal?

11 thoughts on “On the Road to SuperBowl XLV

  1. Tom G.

    I’m sorry but who the F#ck would ride a bike around town wearing camouflage face mask, a plastic mohawk bald cap, and goggles? I hope he got taken down by FBI with a taser, because obviously.

    Although I’m sure he was a relatively harmless pedophile, or rapist or something, and not at all the mass murdering terrorist type. I mean, Al Qaeda is smart enough to know to disguise themselves like Elvis or something. OMG! ELVIS!!! LOOK OUT!!!!


  2. Wow!! you must have really wanted that Sonic Burger! I would’ve given up after the first hurdle 🙂 And ditto Tom G! What was that creepy guy thinking driving around like that next to one of the biggest sport events?


  3. Jason

    The creep on the bike and camo ski mask was even creepier if you consider he was creeping around the National Guard armory right by our house!


  4. runrettarun

    Elvis always comes out for events. 🙂 He does here too.

    We went to see Monster Jam at that stadium last February and it’s gorgeous! But so darn expensive. Beer for $10?? What the what!


  5. I never understand why people have to gouge others at events. I mean $10 for water and $50 for parking, really? Why? Greedy much?

    LOOK AT YOU! QUEEN OF REFLECTION!!! You had to know I would love that. You in the shot with the sign.

    Glad you had a good time.


    1. Jason

      You know what? I didn’t notice that mirror reflection until just now. It’s an awesome understory to that shot. It really captures that moment for me, bringing something shared and private to life. 🙂


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