A Wedding Post – The Sand Ceremony

Four months ago, I stood under a beautiful stained glass window, in a charming Methodist Church. A place our daughters, and mother loved dearly. A day fraught with meaning, love, and dedication (not to mention the blood, sweat, and tears).

I made God breathed promises to a man and his two daughters. Three people who I adore with all my heart. With my stunning daughter, two families became one. Our blended joy held in a clear glass vase of unity. Our wedding sand ceremony.

The colors were peach, beige, and pink. The girls were pink (of course). Jason was peach, and I was the beige. We each had a vase to hold and pour. One, by one, we filled the vase with our personal color. Not only combining a beautiful tapestry of art, but a reminder of this moment, and this day when we became a blended family.

Our differences unique, but when blended together, make a beautiful piece of work. It was perfect.

I did consider the unity candle, but to me, the sand was so much closer to what I thought we were. And I love that we can keep it on our mantle at home.

The song we played while we poured the sand was Have a Little Faith in Me sung by Westside Music Ministry. I’ve put a video together of the wedding pictures our step-brother Kevin took. I haven’t ordered Kellene’s yet, but I will as soon as I can. I love them all.

The song we picked wasn’t just for the flow and tune (although, I do love that). The song reminds me of our “broken” roads of the past. Both of us devastated by divorce. Neither of us intent on remarriage. Neither of us willing to risk being hurt again. And neither of us wanted our children to EVER suffer another divorce, and believe me, it is the children that suffer.

It took a lot of faith to walk that road. To trust. To love. To believe. To I do again.

“When your back’s against the wall, just turn around, and you will see. I’ll be there to catch you. I will catch your fall. Just have a little faith in me.”

Faith is why we chose to love again. Faith healed our hurts. God brought us together and every broken piece from our lives FIT (perfectly).

On this day, our wedding day, we faced a mom (his) in ICU. And a mom (mine) missing. Yet somehow, God held us close and brought us a day we will never forget and always cherish.

Have a little faith…..have a little faith…..

Happy four months to us and many, many more.

17 thoughts on “A Wedding Post – The Sand Ceremony

  1. Love that sand idea. Where did you get that? That is awesome. So much more lasting than a unity candle.

    I love that. Remind me of that when I post about my vow renewal . . . . in a decade or two. 😉

    Great video of the pictures.


  2. what a beautiful post…
    I feel sort of emotional now, Barry and I Married in 2008, almost 3 years ago now, we both had the trauma of divorce, your words ring true. Have a wonderful life together, and from what I’ve seen of your life so far, it is a very happy place to be 🙂


  3. Angel, this is just SO beautiful. Congratulations on your beautiful ceremony that was filled with love. The girls are darling. I LOVE the sand idea. Really great way to see how you are all blended together now. Perfect!


  4. Okay, so we had a sand ceremony at our wedding too. In Jamaica. And on the plane ride home, the bottle (though stopped with a cork) was jostled around and all the sand mixed together. So, when I got home, we poured that sand out and re-poured with other sand so you could see the actual layers – and now Jason won’t have anything to do with it. He says it’s not the same because it’s not the original sand, blah blah blah. That’s dumb, huh?

    I just had to tell that story. Now, I’m going to go back and watch the slide show, which I’m SURE is going to be awesome. 🙂


  5. Until saturday I had never heard of this ceremony. At the wedding they got both mother’s to come up and present the bride and grrom a bottle of sand [to represent their gift of life to their children], then as they poured it in to a jar together the celebrant spoke about how this represented their former seperate lives merging and how it was now impossible to seperate their lives just as it would be impossible to seperate the grains of sand ever agin…I loved that


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