Valentine’s Day Weekend Wedding

I’m not gonna lie. I was a nervous wreck. I panicked and went auto a few times. I was in the way. I wasn’t in the way enough. I scrambled. I used wrong settings. Forgot to change settings. Completely lost all ability to use my camera controls correctly. I questioned everything and most of all???? I LOVED IT.

What a beautiful couple. The moments were so stunningly intimate. I couldn’t be happier for these two.

Praying with her Matron of Honor before the ceremony.

The pastor’s Bible.

Her son and grandson walked her down the aisle.

That kiss had some heat!

Ahh, the relief, and JOY.

First picture of the family together. This is the bride, groom, matron of honor, grandson, and the groom’s two adopted daughters from China. These girls were soooo incredibly happy to have a new mom. I wish you could have heard them. Their mom passed of cancer after they were adopted. The groom was a widow. It’s a very touching story. Isn’t love always?

Cutting of the cake.

Love how their hands clasp together so tightly. They would not even take off their rings for me to photograph those on flowers. I thought that was too sweet. Congratulations!

Of course, I have tons more pictures. I just wanted to grab a few “sneaks” for you to see. I was afraid to look at them until now. I’m not kidding. My terrifying vision entailed image after image all being blurry once on the big computer screen. And weddings? Well, you get ONE shot.

This photography business is tough for a perfectionist. Good thing, my photography teacher told the class as long as we strive to take a better photo, to get the shot, angle, and composition adjusted. As long as we keep reaching for that. We are growing, and learning.

This business is a welcome challenge. I can’t wait to learn more.

14 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Weekend Wedding

  1. Momma Diddy

    What can I say? Great work honey! Do post up on your full collection ya 🙂

    Happy Valentine’s to my Blogger pal *Hugs and kisses from Daylon and Diddy*


  2. You rocked!!! You did amazing and I can’t believe it was only your first 🙂
    Love the black and white of the bride and matron of honor! What a great moment! Love how you captured their reflection in the mirror too!


  3. AWESOME. I can “see” people shots. But it is the ones —- like the pastor’s bible and the flowers —- that I don’t “see”. I LOVE that shot.

    And you are the queen of reflections. (LOVE IT!)

    Yay you! Yay bride and groom! YAAAAAY!

    I am so excited for you. Yay! I have sufficient cheered and “yayed” so much and so intensely that my pom-pons are in shreds on the floor! 😉


  4. you did a great job with these…I too love the hands. One of the photos I took on the weekend was of their hands and it just seemed so incredibly romantic to me – the way they held each other tight…I’m a hands lover for sure


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