Dear Family – I Heart You

Drawing by The Teen.

Believe it or not this drawing is very good depiction of our family. The hair colors, smiles, and even the pants (heh). We stand like that too. In a row.

This picture is on our fridge. It always makes me laugh. I am not sure why Sydney’s inspiration that day came by crayon, but I’m glad it did.

So, to my family on Valentine’s Day – I heart you!

You, my dear husband, willing to have a camera shoved at your face so I can test a lens out that your camera friend loaned me for fun. See? Isn’t that fun? I have one eyeball in sharp focus. Ha. You are a great sport. A wonderful husband. I have never been more comfortable with anyone in my life. You make want to be “me”. And through the good or bad, there you are. I heart you!

My oldest shining star. You crack me up. You keep us all rolling. I can’t believe you will be seventeen in 3 MONTHS! Where has the time gone? I adore your laugh. I adore your ability to adapt and excel at everything you do. You are the best teen in the world. I heart you!

My middle(est) shining star, or oldest step-daughter, you are soooo smart. I have never met a six-year old that could read chapter books until you. You are truly amazing. If you can do that at six, who knows how far life will take you. Don’t ever forget to have fun too. I heart you!

My youngest, the baby, the littlest step-daughter o’ mine. You are my best model, and most willing subject. What a change from the shy baby you were. You used to hide from my camera. Now, you want to be first in my make-shift studio practice. You definitely compete with Sydney on humor. That is saying a lot because she has had waaay more practice than you. But man, you are funny. I heart you little star!

I heard since I’m a newlywed, I am supposed to have some outstandingly romantic gifts today. But honestly? These peeps above are the best gift of all.

Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you all.

Hope all of you have a very blessed and Happy Valentine’s Day.

I missed a post yesterday. My postaday2011 reign has ended.

It’s kinda funny because this is also my 310th post of all-time. If you know me, you know I have a thing for three’s and 10’s. It’s been hard to keep up lately. I have debated on continuing blogging. I heart blogging, but maybe my 310th post is a good end?

16 thoughts on “Dear Family – I Heart You

  1. I love this, post!! Your family is just awesome!! So happy that you not only married the love of your life, but that you got two amazing little additions to your family as well! Wishing you all a happy Valentine’s Day!


  2. superjessleong

    gasp!! awwh!! that is so adorable!! :< ill miss your family storieees!! dont leaavee!! grabs on to leg* haha 🙂 lovely family!! hope you had a great valentines day:)


  3. You can end the everyday thing, but *gasp* not blog at all?? No way girl. Too many of us count on reading your blog and looking at your amazing photos. Happy Valentine’s to you and your family. Have a great one.



  4. Ok you did it. You have supplied me with the PERFECT (and from now on: ONLY) answer. When people ask, “How do you know if he is the right one?” “How do you know if its love?” The answer is: He makes you wanna BE “you”. Lovely.

    Made my eyes well up, I had to let them clear before I could read the rest and type.

    I’ve never heard that a newlywed gets a great Valentine’s Day gift. Pishaw! Newlyweds have too many other things to buy/pay for. The good gifts come later when things are settled and diamonds and gold is all there is left to buy. 😉

    And, as far as I’m concerned, you are not allowed to stop posting. That is RIDICULOUS! Just ease up on the schedule. HAVE a schedule or you will never do it, but everyday is a lot. Maybe twice a week as a goal, but AT LEAST once a week–NO MATTER WHAT (pick a day and stick to it), and then the second post–if you have something you can post about and have time. But don’t stop. That is not fair to all of us . . . your loyal fans, your loyal readers, your cheerleaders. (Just so you know, I am sitting here with my arms crossed over my chest, my chin in my chest, my lower lip sticking out in what HAS to be one of the biggest pouts EVER, and that lip is kind of quivering.) So . . . no. Can’t stop. Don’t stop.


  5. I am pretty sure you will keep posting. I can imagine, posting every day with your busy life is almost undo-able. Have a beautiful and fun Valentine. Mine started great this morning and will continue when my husband comes home 🙂

    Great description of your family with very good pictures. Love to read your blog, Angelia.


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