Winter Garden Wonder

I have not explored the The Fort Worth Botanic Garden. Not in the blazing heat of I’m-about-to-die summer, not in the tricky flash spring, and not in the mostly 100-degree fall either. I have especially not visited in the stark dead of winter. Why would I? It’s a garden.

Until now that is.

Our photography class field trip ended up here on Sunday. It’s the last class. Our last chance to use our technical learning and get it all right. Or some of it right. Or at least walk around with a camera and hope to get something right.

So, I knew there would be no lush gardens. No roses unfolding. No perennials sprouting. Just harsh branches reaching up leave-less and life-less aching for color. Hints of green would be hard to find, but hint they would, here and there, to take a peek at the landscape happily awaiting spring.

And then……..there is the winter colors. Not forgotten. Not overshadowed by new buds. Here they stick to their grounds solemn and stark saying in their calm way, “See, I’m not so bad.

The garden’s waterfall in winter.

A Zen-like path and bridge.

The soldiers of winter. Flowering cabbages.

The Rose garden trellis path to the fountain.

A secret garden gate.

Spring. The fresh sign of Daffodils blooming.

Hi spring – I see you.

**Photos by Angelia.

17 thoughts on “Winter Garden Wonder

  1. Tom G.

    Thank you for the photos of spring. We got another foot of snow yesterday, so these photos have given me hope that spring will get here eventually.


  2. Kim Ward Storch

    So gorgeous!
    Thanks for giving me a touch of spring on this freezing cold day in Massachusetts!


  3. superjessleong

    OH WOW!! that is beautiful!!! i want to seee flowers blooming here soon!! its still covered in snow X)!! and apparently we still have -20sto-30deg c here for a while!! NOO!! i want spring!!! haha 🙂 very nice!


  4. IT’s actually very nice to shoot this time of year. Because it’s not usually sunny, it’s the perfect lighting for pictures, like the beautifuls ones you captured here!


  5. I am thinking you haven’t gone before because you were meant to go with your class. You were meant to see it with fresh eyes and with the newly acquired knowledge you have. I think you were meant to be there at that moment to capture the beautiful scenes that you have captured. Awesome. These make me happy!!!!


  6. runrettarun

    Those are absolutely gorge! Do you know what those cabbage looking plants are? There are some I ran across here and I’m dying to know what it is!


  7. Just beautiful, Angelia. You’ve done a marvelous job capturing the stillness as well as the movement of these potent winter colors. Soemthing about nature and art combined, to me, are beyond words.


  8. I love the pictures, especially the gate. The opening up of something new~ I need that right now. Potential= good stuff!
    I seem to have lost my ability to blog much lately, or even log on very often, but I always come by and see what you are up to when I check into the blog world. Blessings my friend!


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