Newborn Photography Love

I promised my cousin Tiffany I would come take photographs of her baby after she was born. She lives about three hours away. It wasn’t a question of would I, actually I begged offered to do it. It was a chance to see family, to hold a tiny baby, and to practice another piece of portrait photography.

Photography is like anything else with a wide range of possibilities. It has many styles to choose from. You might be better at one over another. You could be still photographer – great at commercial products. Landscapes could be your thing – nailing that perfect waterfall, field, or mountain. Wildlife might make you roar (heh) – as you stalk the wild and hike the great beyond for your shot. It could be you love weddings – the thrill and romance. Studio portraits could be your art – capturing family, and children, generation after generation. What about maternity photos? A growing life, a glowing mom – the excitement, the joy. Then, newborn photography – the miracle. The wonder. A tiny form never to be that small again.

Every one of these might seem the same….but they are all so very, very different. It’s not just holding a camera. It’s choosing what you see, and choosing what you do with what you see. Finding where your passion lies. Art? People? Places? Things?

I have some idea…..custom photography is basically what I do. It is where a photographer comes to your home or place of choice. It is unique to you and your time. You capture moments in motion. A glimpse of the raw. I don’t think I realized the benefit and importance of custom photography until Aria.

Don’t get me wrong I am not boxing myself in. I am eager to experience all aspects of photography. To try all aspects of photography. Right now, it’s experience that matters the most. Maybe, I am just finding my wings, so I know which direction to fly.

Photographing a newborn? Hard work. They don’t just go into the perfect pose. You have to mold, and hold. They wake up and cry. Then you have to sooth and comfort (the baby and the parents – ha).

I am fascinated by the process. It reminds me of holding newborns in the NICU at Cook Childrens when I was a volunteer. It truly is a guilty pleasure. It truly is a passion.

Photographs within 10 days of birth………..simply amazing.

Introducing the precious Aria Rose four days old……

Congratulations Codye and Tiffany. When I say she is beautiful, I mean it. What joy and promise a new life brings. May you experience every soaring moment with great pleasure and wonder.

25 thoughts on “Newborn Photography Love

  1. WOW what an absolute gift you’ve given Codye and Tiffany. Aria is such a treasure!!! LOVE all the tiny basket ones!!! So precious!! Its been great to see you grow as a photographer too!!! 🙂


  2. beautiful work, Aria is delicious….I understand your words regarding taking newborn baby shots, there is a lot of waiting as the baby needs to be settled again. I found that I would have an idea and want to try it out but the baby would need attention of some sort and then my idea went out of the window.

    I particularly love the last photo…


  3. I’m not a big fan of babies but with the pics you took, I can’t be anything but blowed away and thinking ‘awwwww’. You are one amazing photographer! My fav of the lot would be the first pic, cute and so fragile..


  4. These are beautiful, Angelia! I’m sure the parents are thrilled that not only did you drive three hours to see their beautiful baby, but that you took so many gorgeous pictures! I’m excited to “practice” my newborn photography on my soon-to-arrive baby niece this summer 🙂


  5. Jennifer DuPlessis

    That’s it, you’re hired : ) God willing, Camille will arrive 4/29. Shoot me an e-mail if I forget a couple weeks after. Would love to have you take pictures. These are awesome!


  6. Oh Angelia, you hit the nail on the head with those shots! WOW! Not only did you have the perfect model (what a beautiful angel!), but you got some seriously great shots. I am so excited about our shoot this weekend that I can hardly stand it! I’m trying to nail down the perfect location. 🙂


  7. Momma Diddy

    If I am living in the states, I will definitely engage you for newborn baby photography! You are gifted with such talent and I do hope to see more 🙂


  8. So beautiful! One of my best friends is due May 10th. I am supposed to do photography for the delivery and first pics. They won’t be those beautiful posed shots, but I am eager to catch her first moments out of the womb! Thanks for the inspiration. I will have to come back and look at these to remind myself to be brave and just shoot away!


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