Never Fear Spring is Here!

Well…almost….maybe not quite spring, but definitely spring fever.

I am trying to convince myself the next heat wave will stick around for good. The Bradford Pear Trees are blooming. And we have had a few really nice weekends. It is a bit on the chilly side this week for all of us southern lightweights, but not really (not if you are from the north). This time of year is brief and fleeting. Brief – because spring lasts about a month. Fleeting – because if you blink, you will miss it.

Next month we will be in the 90’s, which will be a cold front in the summer, but I digress. Let’s not jump ahead.

For now, let’s enjoy our brief (almost official) spring where the kids can play outside without UV pollution.

*Photos edited with warmify tone. Normally, I don’t like this edit, but it seemed perfect for these pre-spring pics.*

Happy Wednesday!

Any sign of spring where you are?

23 thoughts on “Never Fear Spring is Here!

  1. Even here, in Southern California, it feels like Spring, trees are blooming and you smell so many nice flowers. I love your pictures, they are great moments.


  2. that last pic! I love how you captured the dirt in action over the pretty little feetsy. The dirt looks like fur! so cool. I remember those awesome days of such childhood things as playing in dirt and having a blast. Such nice memories. 🙂


  3. superjessleong

    awwwh soo cute 😀 and yes i cant wait for spring x) the snow piled outside my house is still taller than me X) cant wait for it to melt


  4. Aww… those are wonderful pics to see with this dragging Winter. I have seen some spring buds pushing up against the soil. I just hope they don’t get freezed out.


  5. As I read this, big fluffy snowflakes are barrelling down at breakneck speeds and, once again, clothing the forest of naked sticks outside my window. 😦

    Nice to hear spring might be sticking her nose out somewhere. 🙂 Even if that somewhere’s winter is like our summer!

    Those photos are just fantastic, as usual–and I love the warmify tone. Your pictures are just a treat to see. Take care.


  6. Great pictures.

    Spring around here has come and gone, and come and gone, and come and gone, and . . . . seriously. There were times where we thought winter was GONE, but then a freezing storm with SNOW comes in. So who knows. It will be here when it is here.


  7. Spring is everywhere around here. We’ve been having wonderful sunny weather with temperatures in the 50s which is perfect early spring weather in Germany.
    I can’t wait for more warm days to come though I’ll take a quick trip back into winter this weekend for some more snowboarding in the Alps!
    Enjoy your Texas Spring…


  8. It’s still been mostly in the 30’s this week, though it did get into the 40’s today. The sun was shining though and the birds are finally starting to come back and get vocal. Spring can’t get here soon enough!!


  9. Sandy Larnard

    I love the pics of the Girls…..and I can’t wait to see this secret project..Sydney 😛
    That was a neat pic how it did look like fur….I was going to say….Hope she didn’t dig up something in the dirt. LOL!!!! Oh my….wish you would have been here when Jamie came to visit …… Mason is something else now…..what a busy busy boy now. He wore me out!!!! Miss him and his loves and his lil sour patch kid ways. Bless his heart…he is all boy!!!! Loves to get dirty and that drives Jamie nuts…rofl!!!! I think he wore on our poor Doggie the most…..he is so old going to be 15 and he wanted to ride him. Awwwwww He would just get up and walk away. And after awhile I’d put him in my room to give him a break away from Mason…..not use to a 20 month old….what am I talking about …I’m not use to a almost 2 year old ….rofl!!!!! He learned to say Nanie and Grampaw while he was here…..Jeff said he said it during a time skyping before he came. Nana has always meant banana…..and I know I might be a lil nuts at times never thought of myself as a banana. 😛 Hope you find out what is going on with your stomach…I’ll be praying for you and I’m always praying for you lovely family. I love you all girl!!!!! Hugs to everyone…..give Jason a big hello from me!!!!


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