Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring


It’s in the air.

Vibrant colors desperate for notice.

Creatures great and small.

Taking in the beauty of a new season.

Ok not really…….I made her lay down and pose…believe me she would have rather been eating the tall grass behind the next flower.

But where was I?

Ahhh! Beauty.

Spring has sprung.

Joyful and bright.

Sharing her glory for all to see.

And smell.

For all my fellow allergy sufferers, can I get an A-CHOOO? Yeah, not so fun.

But soooo pretty!

The true sign of spring arrival here in Texas. The Texas BlueBonnets.

They are a staple of our spring landscape. They bring excitement, allure, and pride. Plus, many picture-taking opportunities on highway embankments and fields.

I heard this year they may not be all that.

Well……..I’ll let you be the judge.

Happy Spring everyone!

How are you celebrating?

**All photos copyright of Angel Lia’s Photography. Pink flowers at the top and texas bluebonnet taken at Mayfield Park in Austin. The white flowers and clover were taken in my backyard and the wisteria (purple) photgraphed at Fort Worth Botanical Rose garden.**

23 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

  1. superjessleong

    criees* ;< i want to see colourful flowers bloom and spring like weather :< i still gotta wear a winterjacket in the mornings :< and i just shovled some snow -_- sigh hopefully mothernature will let spring come here soon!


  2. B-E-A-U-utiful.

    I heard several people say spring has sprung, but here it is cold and rainy. I’m ok with that. We get some bright and/or some sun and that is ok with me. The longer the cold and rain stay the shorter the icky heat will be (hopefully).

    Thank you for sharing spring!


  3. runrettarun

    I’m celebrating Spring and all it’s beauty w/ Singular, an inhaler and anti-itch eye drops. Spring is a bitch to my ‘gies! But so gorgeous and very welcome!


  4. Kim Ward Storch

    Thanks for the HOPE of spring. I’m in New England waiting for more SNOW!!! Might be getting 2-4 inches tonight….ugh. I’ll be looking at these pics tomorrow for sure!!!!



  5. Oh, wow–I can hardly wait to see flowers! We’re in a little cold spell, and still getting over more snow, but it can’t be that much longer. 🙂

    The photos are gorgeous, I can almost smell them they look that good.


  6. Ugh my dog eats grass too like a friggen grazing cow. The worst part is it gets stuck on it’s way out and we have to….ummm…help it out. Gross. I know.
    We don’t have that much green yet and we’re still trying to melt some leftover snow piles but it’s soon. I can feel it 😉


  7. Shut up! I think I’m moving to Texas now. We have snow on the ground… again… um yeah so your photos make me very, very, very jealous right now!! 😉 (They are beautiful btw)


  8. Wow, Angelia. I thought your photography was great already, but this is amazing. It’s 50°F today (after teasing temps in the 80s last week) and it appears Spring is going the wrong direction, but these pics make me feel really warm (and make me want to take a Claritin 😛 )


  9. You had me with the first one! These are great shots Angelia! Love the Texas Bluebells…

    We had this crazy white stuff falling from the sky the other day…on the first full day of spring no less….


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