Texas Bluebonnets

The third weekend in April is not just Palm Sunday, but the peak of the Texas Bluebonnets. A Texas staple in our land.

I think my mom’s words to me went something like….. Dig some of those up and bring them to me to plant. I love the bluebonnets………. And most people who have seen them feel the same way, but in Texas, I’m pretty sure that’s illegal (plus, she lives in Oklahoma, heh!).

I wouldn’t want to pick them anyway. With their sea of blue, they are just too pretty to touch.

Before my injury we took the girls to Cedar Hill State Park. They have a place called Penn Farm. It was a working farm until the 1980’s. It is now a place to explore and read about Texas farming and equipment. There are several barns, houses, a windmill, and yes, even a bluebonnet field. It’s a photographer’s dream place.

Don’t leave home without your Dad’s old iPhone. You might need it in the bluebonnet field. I don’t think she wanted to miss her iPod music. LOL!

A stunning place with beautiful subjects. If you live in Texas, I urge to get a look at these gorgeous fields. NOT THE ROADSIDE BLUEBONNETS, but the REAL fields of them. They can be found in most of the state parks. There is also a Bluebonnet Festival in Ennis this weekend. In addition, many flowers and activities are on display at Clark Gardens. It is a must-see for the Texas Bluebonnets and worth the drive from the metroplex.

Wherever you are, I hope the weather is nice and you can get out and enjoy it. I can’t believe this is our peak spring season in Texas. That means the brutal summer heat is pushing at our backs, ready to knock us down, and fry our grass blades to a crispy brown. I may have a sprained ankle, but I am armed with a walking boot and I know how to use it. I will hobble along to one of these gorgeous sites before the flowers of Texas fade for another year.

The State Flower of Texas – the bluebonnet.

Have a happy weekend!

23 thoughts on “Texas Bluebonnets

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  2. pattisj

    These are beautiful. I can’t quite imagine what an entire field of them would be like. Do they have a scent? The first time I saw blue flowers en masse was in Michigan, the cornflowers. I couldn’t stop looking at them, such a rare color in our area.


  3. Oh Angelia! The perfect birthday present! There are not a whole lot of things I miss from Texas (my birthplace and home for my first 12-1/2 years), but at the top of the list, just below family and friends, is the bluebonnet/indian paintbrush season! Your photos are so beautiful. I might print one and hang it as a sweet reminder of one of the most beautiful sights in all the world. There is no sight anywhere I have ever been – and I’ve been a lot of places – that can even come close. To be in one of those fields on a perfect Spring day (like my 60th birthday!) would be heaven. Your photos are the next best thing! Thank you – it’s like you knew just what I needed!

    Cheers – I wish you
    enough. . .


  4. I have some catching up to do. I have to go back and find out about the injury you’re talking about.

    These photos are just lovely. The ground is still frozen here, and snow is on the way for tomorrow. One day my spring will come…

    At least I can experience it through your blog. 🙂


  5. Wow – such gorgeous pictures!
    I came to your site through a recommendation form Elizabeth Irwin, who is now going to be a regular contributor to our site. She raved about your photography and I can see why! I just reached out to you on flickr as well.
    I love your About page and am so glad to have connected. We would love to feature some of your photography and stories if you are interested in being a guest blogger. We have a passion for photography as well and plan on having that as a key feature of the site…
    Anyway, I will be a regular reader here. I agree with you on the amazing blogging community and all there is to learn and share.

    Have a great day!


  6. This is one of my Texan dream , to see the Blue bonnets at their peak. Perhaps next year I will get lucky. I will check out the park you mentioned here. All images are beautiful and the blue fields of flowers just provided scene that is every photographer’s dreamland. best wishes to you and your family.


  7. Thank you for “liking” my post, “Would I Grieve A Sunrise?”….it led me here, to yours. And I’m so happy that it did! How marvelous and beautiful and fresh and full of hope and joy! Thank you! xoJulia


  8. Such beautiful girls in the gorgeous field! My mother was from Texas, and she would always praise the beauty of the Texas bluebonnets. There’s nothing like them, she’d say. Although my sisters and I went with her several times to Texas, it was never at the right time of year, and I never got to see them for myself. So thank you for sharing your photos!


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