Project Central = Psycho Central?

Look! An ADHD quiz! My results say……

Of course, that really says psych central, not psycho central, but don’t you know the exes are nodding their heads in agreement at the psycho part (heh!). I kid. I kid.

But, where was I?

Oh yeah, being ADD or ADHD, because that’s what the quiz confirms, and we all know how accurate the internet is (right?).

Any other adult ADD(ers) out there? Do you feel my pain? Could this really be true?

Look! A shiny object!

Speaking of shiny objects….don’t EVER watch UFO’s on Planet Earth before bed. You will have the FREAKIEST dreams.


I’ve known I could be ADD for some time now. Tasks take longer, or get lost, forgotten, or discontinued. I abhor lists and plans, but WANT (so badly) to be organized. And how to do that? I have no idea because the focus is just not there. My mind constantly swirls in ideas but catching one is like grabbing a hand-up from the old merry-go-rounds that spin ferociously fast (weren’t those fun?).

When we question our health….what do we do? I’ll tell you what I do…..I turn to the self-diagnose power of the web; self-assessment and the like. Sites like Web MD – my personal favorite (and most dangerous).

I confirmed my color blindness via the web. Remember that post? Of course, I knew that in fourth grade, but did not diagnose myself at age 10, and neither did any of my eye doctors in the last thirty years. To give them the benefit of the doubt, maybe when I said I couldn’t see the number in the circle, they really thought I just couldn’t SEE (which I couldn’t). But I digress…..

My point is….(I don’t need a self-assessment. This post is proof. Ha)…..I have started new projects (especially this year). I am working on them in my ADD way and that means when I go to complete perfect them, I get distracted. It’s the story of my life right now. I begin, lose focus, waiver, and then move on to something else. Which is why I have bookmarks in over a dozen books gathering dust on my nightstand. But I am working towards the end (somehow, someway) one page at time, one project at a time.

Project One– FINALLY, with the help of my dear husband, I have launched my photography website. I’m still adding more pictures, categories, and pricing (eventually). I’d still LOVE for you to check it out. Angelia’s Photography or Angel Lia’s Photography. I go back and forth on the name, but the website is just angeliasphotography. Can you believe there is ANOTHER Angelia Photography? How cool is that?!?

Project Two– This goes along with project one. FINALLY! A Facebook fan page. MY FAN PAGE – Angelia’s Photography. I am so lucky I had 25 of you LIKE me and I got a user name – all official and stuff. Of course, I’m still adding pictures and figuring out how to manage (or admin) a page. But, who cares?! I did it. I created a page. You must LIKE. You must! (pleasepleasepleaseplease).

The rest of my projects include… Photoshop homework for class. I hope to design a business card. I have Photovision DVDS to watch. You get to creep on professional photography shoots. Creeping! My fav.

My garden is a mess and I hope to plant something to replace the dead brown branches I have managed to keep dead all winter (um, yay?). I have pictures to finish editing of FOUR GENERATIONS of daughters. I photographed them just prior to my ankle injury. Here are a few shots….

Moms & Daughters.

Circle of generations.

91yrs old and beautiful!

Can I just say I LOVE her? I want to adopt her as my grandma. I lost all my grandmas and have none living. I’m pretty sure she agreed to that.

My sprained ankle is healing. After two weeks, it looks normal again, in other words, not purple in color and swollen like a grapefruit. It doesn’t feel normal, but at least I can walk and drive.

I am way behind in blog reading and thanking ALL the wonderful commenters on my Freshly Pressed drive-in movie post. The stories of your drive-in movie experiences and nostalgia made me laugh and reminisce myself. I, too, remember piling many bodies in mom’s red wagon (because the price was per car) to head to our local town’s drive-in. It really is a great time. I think scary movies are the best at drive-ins. I hope many of you do find a drive-in and create memories for our next generation of children. I am happy to hear so many of you have screens you can go to. So thank-you for that, what you shared with me was far better than being freshly pressed (for serious!).

Lastly, it’s Easter weekend. That means it’s my last weekend to worship enjoy my favorite Easter candy.

Why yes, I did shoot portraits of my favorite candy. Is there a quiz to see if that’s normal?

Today, I say good-bye to my favorite Cadbury Creme Eggs.

Tomorrow, I rejoice in the Risen King.

My focus will be on family gatherings, and the love of our savior.

Have a Happy Easter! May it be most joyful, blessed, and complete (heh, get it? complete?).

Look! I finished a post!

Did you take the quiz? Are you ADHD?

19 thoughts on “Project Central = Psycho Central?

  1. You crack me up, love. I think we all have a little ADHD in us. If it’s not ADHD, its something else. Right? I have unfinished projects everywhere. I think it’s related more to life being busy then unfinishing. (Or maybe I am just in denial since I am easily distracted. Ha).

    Happy Easter, Angelia!!


  2. I think our present society BREEDS ADHD. I mean we have a computer with serveral different types of “chat”/instant messaging, we have texting, we have phones both cell and land lines. I can be on my computer “talking” to several different people via FB chat, FB, e-mail, and be on my cell phone and get a call on my home phone . . . . . . uh . . . . .what was I doing? Ya know? Everyone needs attention NOW, everything has to be done NOW, it is no wonder we can’t concentrate and get anything done. I think there is just TOO much.

    Do you “like” my fan page? I’ll like yours.

    I am glad your ankle is better.

    Oh, I vote (I know, you didn’t ask, but I am putting in my two cents) for Angelia because that is your name. I think it is easy for people to remember one thing. I think it is nice for people to have consistancy. I think people would be less distracted if there is only ONE of “you”, one name to remember. Angel Lia could cause confusion and possible people to be embarrassed if they think you name is Angel and then they see it is Angelia. Unless you are going with a completely different name, keep it simple, keep it the same . . . . that is all just my two cents. 🙂


    1. Terre-I think your view probably just saved a lot of money in medications! HA. It’s very apt (app? lol) for this day and age. The instant gratification and ability to do everything so much faster. I do feel better after reading your comment. 🙂

      As for the name, thank-you for your vote! The reason I like the two separate names is because Angel Lia is how my name is pronounced. I was named after my Uncle Angel, but when people see Angelia – they tend to call me Ange-LINA or Angela. It’s not a common enough name to read the IA.

      But you are right in that I don’t want it to be confusing. Of course, I already have a lot of photos watermarked Angel Lia’s because that is what I was going with until I got to the website building. Two L’s just don’t go well on a URL and I’m not a dashy-kind of person.

      This reminds me of when Sydney was born. I really wanted to spell her name Sidney. I was set on that, until I read that was the male spelling of the name and y was the female. I didn’t want to risk her getting made fun of so I spelled it the female version with the y.

      On her hospital bed, they spelled her name with an i. It was WEIRD. I have wished I had stuck with an i ever since, but either way it was a tough choice.



      1. What were we talking about? Just kidding. Just showing my short attention span.


        It is difficult choosing a name, but like I said — I believe — if you are going with your name go with your name. Maybe the wings with Angelia will help. They will see the wings and it might “click”. I do understand the Angel Lia, but I think it would be confusing. But that is just me . . . .

        Funny though, because I kind of think that people seeing Ange-LINA kind of (sort of) has to do with the ADHD thing . . . it is almost as if we can’t SLOW DOWN enough to really READ your name. We just glance and see Ang . . .l . . a and our brains fill in the rest as we are zooming on to something else . . . . But if we were to stop and LOOK at each letter we would see what it is.

        So . . . like I said maybe if you keep the wings in your name/logo it will help people. They might see the wings and think, “What do Angel wings have to do with Angelina?” And then they will re-read your name and go, “OOOOOOHHHHHHH!” Maybe? Some people?


  3. As a matter of fact, I was recently diagnosed with ADHD…officially. It was a relief, to be honest with you. I have to say, though, that I think social media as very much exacerbated it…and I’ve been told that anxiety goes hand in hand with ADHD. My anxiety has been through the roof in the past year or so and I’ve been told that it’s exacerbated by perimenopausal hormone shifts. And ALL of this is, I think, why I used to eat myself into oblivion…and now that I am not doing that so much, the anxiety and ADHD are appearing more prominently in my life. At this point I figure I’ve learned enough coping mechanisms…not to mention having a wonderful husband so I am not going to worry about it too much and just let it manifest itself in my life in terms of my creativity. It’s a gift in that regard!


  4. ADD psycho, yep, I’m right there with you! Never have been able to focus and stay with one thing…eventually I do get one of a gazillion projects finished. Organization, well that’s a far a way dream in my world!


  5. Congrats on launching your photography site and Facebook Fan Page! Trust me, I know what a DAUNTING task that can be, but the hard part is over! I will definitely like your FB page when I get home tonight 🙂


  6. runrettarun

    It’s pretty likely I have ADHD too. I am so scatter brained and cannot finish a project to save my life. But like you, I want to be organized very, very badly.

    OK seriously, how the heck did you get that Facebook badge on your page? We both have blogs and I couldn’t figure that thing out!


  7. The picture of the ands is beautiful. I wish I had something like that with my mom.

    The test said I may have ‘moderate ADHD’, what a load of……..what was I talking about ?


    1. Motpg-That made me laugh out loud! Too funny. 🙂 The reason I took their photos was because I had lunch with the mom and grandma, with their daughter/granddaughter, that I work with. I noticed all their hands were the same. I thought that was pretty neat. 🙂 My hands are like my mom’s too.


  8. Dwight Burke

    The picture of the four generations of hands was so beautiful. Love and faith. How simple and so powerful, to show the circle of life. The testimony of our life is so very short. We live through our family, grow with our children and pass leaving a legacy of love and hope for the next generations. That is what I see in your picture. Dwight Burke P.S. the picture of Molly and Fred(12/05/2010) is one of my favorites also!


  9. yep I took the quiz, but I already knew the answer, but already have the diagnosis and started taking meds. which really help, except when I forget to take them. I love the Cadbury Egg photos, my favorite Easter candy and would love to eat one right now but now I have to wait until next Easter.


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