Zombie Dreams in the Unapocalypse

I have two recurring dreams.

Zombies and Aliens.

I blame my parents divorce and weekend’s at Dad’s when I was too little to watch horror movies. He loved horror flicks. Almost as much as he loved staying up late, and eating Tony’s pizza smothered in mozzarella.

I grew to love them too. Then, I got old and didn’t like being scared in a movie anymore. Give me a chick flick any day and yet….I still dream in horror? Maybe, I still have a hidden love for it? Is that inherited?

Normally my standard Zombie Dream involves a race to the “safe” place which happens to be a graveyard on a hill. Yeah. I don’t get the logic either. I don’t why it is holy ground, but it is. Ha. My Dad had quite the sense of humor too. And maybe that is from him.

This Zombie Dream was a little different. You either got sick with the flu and that’s it, or you got sick with the flu, and turned into a brain-eating Zombie.

In my dream, I saw many family members rushing to be at the side of their sick child or spouse and I wanted to say, “Noooooo! Don’t do it! You are going to be a Zombie!”

But in the end, I wondered………if one my family got sick with the Zombie Flu……..wouldn’t I be there? Or would I run away and save myself?

Maybe this wasn’t my typical run-for-your-life Zombie Dream. Maybe this one had depth. The meaning of life and family embedded into the flesh of it. It had brains (heh!).

I awoke before finding a safe place. I awoke before the world ended. I awoke before my family was infected and I had to make that decision.

My only explanation for this dream is dealing with the after-math of injuries from the Jeep wreck. It’s been three weeks and the injuries are healing, but the wounds are still fresh in my mind.

Not to mention, I had the most traumatic encounter to date earlier in the week. Here is how it happened………

I woke up. I let the dogs out of their crates. I went to the bedroom door and opened it. The dogs (as they always do) raced ahead to the living room. We have a routine of potty time, then breakfast time, and they get soo, soo, soo very excited about that. Normally, Sydney is getting ready in the bathroom and I wave at her as I walk by the doorway in the hall.

Except, this time, when I waved I felt something under my foot (my bare foot).

It didn’t feel right.

I looked down as it’s head came up and it’s eyes bulged out (because I was stepping on it).

Stepping on a snake – IN THE HALLWAY – of my house! Inside. My house. My safe place. Ahhhhhhhhh!

I really didn’t scream. I just kinda choked and I ran. I left my teen daughter in the bathroom where the snake was headed.

I took the dogs outside, trying to shake the utter terror out of my sight. But I couldn’t (still can’t). When I got back in the house, Sydney was safe in the living room (phew!). The snake was safe(?) in the bathroom. I took one look and knew I couldn’t handle it. I know it’s not that big and all, but still, it can jump.

I had to wake up my injured husband – who is terrified of snakes. Probably more than me, which makes me really glad I stepped on it and not him (sorta).

At that point it was by the tub. Of course I took pictures for my blog to remember this event.

Not only did I survive the apocalypse of 2011, but I survived stepping on a snake in my house.

No wonder I have Zombie Dreams.

To date, I am a paranoid walker. I don’t step anywhere without looking……..I carry a flashlight (my iPhone) at all times, because I don’t want to cross paths with this again ~shudder~.

Jason put our reptile house mate back in the yard…..in hopes it would find another home….hopefully?…it did…..to be continued.

30 thoughts on “Zombie Dreams in the Unapocalypse

  1. Oh.My.Holy.Cowabunga.
    My recurring nightmares are about SNAKES. I can’t believe you stepped on a snake in your house and you actually STILL LIVE IN THAT HOUSE.
    I am officially freaked out.
    I’d take a zombie over a snake any day!


    1. DM– I still live there because 1) I have a flashflight phone. 2) It didn’t bite me. 3) I installed a night light in the hallway.


      Hopefully all those measures will ward off the zombies too. LOL.


  2. Deborah the Closet Monster

    I found this entry via the “life” tag. I, too, have recurring dreams of zombies and aliens (sometimes even zombie aliens), which I attribute to my mom’s love of horror movies in my younger days. They seem to be lessening these days, which is nice, although I wish my toddler son would appear in them a little more frequently. 🙂

    Anyway, if this entry–including the snake stuff!–is representative, I’m going to love following your blog!


    1. Deborah– Did you read Stephen King books too? I was an addict at 13. I think they helped fuel my crazy dreams.

      Zombie Alien dreams? Those, I haven’t had yet! But if they rappel down from space crafts, I will freak out. 🙂


      1. Deborah the Closet Monster

        I did! The Talisman was the second horror novel I read, after Dean Koontz’s Twilight Eyes. Like you, I think those reading habits fueled my crazy dreams. Most of the time they’re pretty fun; usually I’m leading the resistance against monsters/alien invaders/Israeli drug lords. Sometimes they’d get a little sad, such as one where my just-younger sister informed me she was giving up because “a world where I can’t study Old English is a world I don’t want to live in.” Haha.


    1. thoughtsappear-I am pretty sure it was a juvenile rat snake. The bigger they grow the less markings they have. They tend to be around suburban areas as they eat small rodents and baby bird eggs. Since we live in the city, that is my best guess. 🙂


  3. We get snakes occasionally in our house too, but I’ve never stepped on one! I scream when I just see them and someone (my crazy teenagers who have never been afraid of them and pick them up. Yes, pick.them.up. with their bare hands) to get it out of my house!

    You know I love my Zombies. I have never had a dream about them. But I think nightmares at this point in the recovery process are perfectly normal. It took me far longer emotionally to get over Mike’s accident than it did him. Its strange how it works that way.



    1. Spot– That REALLY surprises me about the dreams. I thought you dreamed in technicolor horror of all genres. Interesting!

      I might be a little more understanding of the snake invasion if we didn’t live in a city of almost a million peeps. I mean really? I thought the snakes like secluded places like your house in the country. HA.

      If I see another one, I may just lose my mind. Your children are CRAZY!!


  4. runrettarun

    I’ve almost stepped on one at work but I would puke/die/insert any freaking out adjective here if it were in our house!! Gross. I would totally bleach my foot!


    1. Retta-It really didn’t feel gross. It was just the thought of it slithering around in the dark! Ick! I also ran over a green snake at the park on my bike. Stepping or biking – neither is preferred. HA.


    1. Katie-That’s why I don’t mind the zombie dreams. I can always get to the safe place (usually) unless an infected one turns right next to me. Now the aliens ones are not so easy, as they use their mind power to take over. We end up trapped on the ship. Dang!


  5. Zombies, snakes, bad dreams, I can handle it. I would not be able to handle a zombie snake. That just would be too much.

    I like snakes. I don’t think I would appreciate stepping on one, but, they are soooooo, soooooo, sooooo fascinating. I like the REALLY BIG ones, ya know, the ones whose bodies are bigger than your arms? LOVE that. I have always wanted one, but I know I would not be able to feed it. And the “cages”/enclosures can get kinda smelling.

    What kind of snake is that? I am glad you survived both the zombies, the flu, and the snake.


  6. I think dreams can be more unsettling in the aftermath of traumatic events, like you say. It would be startling stepping on a snake in the same night, too. Around here, snakes aren’t really a concern because they’re not poisonous. The hardest part would be keeping the pets away from it and telling my daughter, “NO–we are not keeping another stray animal!”

    Glad you’ve been on a surviving roll. 🙂


  7. That’s not a snake! That’s a mere inchworm. LOL!
    Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Especially after the big’un Pearl and I saw on the way to the grocery store Sunday morning.
    You’re doing a good job deciphering your dream.
    How did you get the wee snake out of the bathroom?


  8. Hi Angelia –

    2 things that really freak me out a lot; spiders and snakes. If I had my bare foot stepping upon a snake in my house, I’m sure I would run through the opposite wall away from that creature. It’s one thing to have it in your sights as you approach one, and another to suddenly have it appear unannounced BAM…gotcha! LOL, nice photos too. 🙂


  9. Did I ever tell you about the time a snake fell out of a tree into my pool lounger with me in it? Did I ever tell you that I can walk on water???? Well, I can!!!


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