May’s Favorite Pick

The photo challenge this week is the best face of May.

I am barely getting this one in, but it is my favorite from this month.

We were going for a period shot and went to an 1800’s farm to do it. Their mom provided the awesome dresses (one from her childhood and the other sewed by hand). My step-daughters were completely convincing in setting and scene. I didn’t even need the farm.

iheartfaces entry

This is why I love photography.

My entry did not make the top 100. Sorry everyone, I thought it was people’s choice for all, but it’s only the selected 100. A lot of great entries displayed if you’d like to vote for them!

15 thoughts on “May’s Favorite Pick

  1. Awesome. They are not quite as stern looking as some of the “period” photos I have seen, but they are not smiling BIG like usual.

    This is awesome.

    Good luck. I think voting is on a specific day so remind us.


    1. Ellen- The girls mom brought their shoes with them too. I’m hoping she can get a canvas made of one of the portraits. They really love Little House on the Prairie and I wanted to get a keepsake photo for her.


  2. suzicate

    I tried to vote three times, and it took me back to your site. As my usual style, THEN iread instructions that voting starts tomorrow! I’ll be back! I think this is my favorite photo of yours so far. Just precious! I love that you and their mom work together.


    1. Thanks Suzicate! It was nice working together, although a little more difficult at times, because they were looking at her and not me. LOL. Just love the park and the farm though. I have a lot more pics not posted anywhere yet. I can’t wait until I get time to tweak them.


  3. i absolutely love it. and i love watching your photography grow. i’m still so happy i found your blog…even though i’ve been very absent from the blogging and commenting world. you make me happy 🙂 and i’m totally voting for this tomorrow! ❤


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