Weekly Photo Challenge: Water

This is a delightful time of year for water. The time of year when the sun rays warm and the water cools. Bathing suits are pulled out of the closet and picnic supplies are restocked. The term go jump in a lake is a good thing.

Water in summer = swimming.

Swimming is a hella good time for two little girls, especially, when it’s their first of the season. I think I have a couple of water goddesses on my hands. Good thing, I love the water too. I prefer the ocean, but I’ll take whatever I can get.

This beach is not a bad substitute.

Cedar Hill State Park

First Swim of the Summer

Water Fun

Lake Swim

Splash Time

Water Romp

A Stroll on the beach

Swim Smiles

Being the Great White

Catching some waves

Summer Swimming in Spring

I see lots more water in our future…..

Have you had your first swim of summer?

10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Water

  1. Here in Cornwall, England it’s been sunshine all the way, quite a change but very welcome. The nearby beaches have been put to good use. I have a 10 month old grandson who has been swimming for months in the local pool – felt apprehensive when my daughter-in-law said he could ‘swim’ under water but it appears that it’s natural for babies to do so. Interesting blog!


  2. runrettarun

    I love when kids play in the water. They seem so FREE. Yes, we’ve swam and the boys are addicted. Now that’s all they want to do!


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