The Square Root of Father’s Day

Father’s Day.

I have such a hard time with this one. It’s a mathematical puzzle, I can’t solve or calculate.

On one hand, it’s the day I think of my dad’s more than any other. It’s a day I smile and remember (precious memories)……. and it’s the day I miss them terribly.

It’s the week when I see a picture of a bride dancing with her father at her wedding and it makes me cry inconsolably.

I wish for many moments with them. I wish for them to know my step-daughters. I wish for that last hug, and last good-bye – just one more conversation, one more Christmas, one more birthday, one more Father’s Day.

It’s Father’s Day and mine are in heaven and if yours aren’t, I hope you squeeze them real tight.

And yet………

I have a wonderful husband in my life who is one of the BEST dads in the world. Not only to his two little girls, but to my daughter as well. He married me and got a full-time teenager. What in the world was he thinking?

Out of all the horror stories of marriages with teens, and he didn’t run away. He took on the challenge. For that alone, he should be celebrated as the hero he is. But it’s more than that, he loves her like his own too.

Accepting another person’s child as your own is the hardest thing to do in a blended family. For that I am so grateful…..

It truly makes life a blessing and it makes Father’s Day a whole lot easier for me.

My daughter is very lucky to have you. She is lucky to have her dad in the picture as well. Sydney gets what I had growing up – two WONDERFUL Dads. A gift more precious than gold.

So Jason, I picked some photographs out of the archives. Ones that I think celebrate the loving and caring Dad you are. Ones I hope show how much I love the father you are to these children.

The impact you have on these lives will last a life-time. I hope you know how much you mean to them by just being you and holding tight. I am so proud of you.

As a daughter, I can say, there is nothing more soul-filling than a Father’s love. Thank-you for gifting your love to our daughters.

Dad, step-dad, great husband, and one of the nicest guys I know.

Always a helper and support, you lend a hand to not only your daughters, but to anyone else that needs it.

Your accomplishments are always made sweeter by the joy that is shared by your family.

Despite a bitter divorce, you insisted on having a picture of the girl’s mom in their room at your house.

You are never afraid to be silly.

You uphold your dad duties of caring for your children and have never passed off that responsibility. From dinner, to bath, to bed-time book reading you do it all and cherish every moment.

Not many fathers are as proud as you are of your three beautiful daughters.

Not many step-fathers are such important mentors in their teen daughter’s life.

Not many Dads display such fine artwork on their refrigerator.

You are truly our knight-in-shining armor.

We are so blessed to have you.

Happy Father’s Day with love!

11 thoughts on “The Square Root of Father’s Day

  1. What a beautiful tribute to Jason! And lucky you to have found such a great guy. I find that even 21 years into marriage, I fall in love a little more with my husband every time I witness a great “Dad” moment.



  2. One of your best posts, Angelia! HE is indeed a great man and you can feel proud on him. My dad is in heaven too, with my mom and I know too how hard this day is. It never feels okay, it always feels like: Why? And I too have to most incredible husband I could wish for. So feel blessed and proud as well 🙂 You too have a great Father’s day with your wonderful family.


  3. What an uplifting post, a lovely tribute to your husband. Father’s Day is special to me as I get spoilt and realise how lucky I am to have such a family – and now an 11 month old grandson as well to join in the fun. I lost my own father twenty years ago but he is still very much with me. Families are so important.


  4. Rach @ This Italian Family

    Oh my goodness, so this seriously made me tear up. What a beautiful tribute to your husband. I love that he is such a great dad… those girls are so lucky to have him!


  5. What a beautiful tribute to fathers Angelia – I love how close your family is 🙂 I have been so busy with my own father, that I haven’t been able to visit my favorite blogs lately!! Trying to catch up today – have a great day!


  6. Mom

    Angelia, thank you for loving my son so much! You know love bubbles over for all my wonderful family and I thank God every day for all the love that embraces everyone that is part of it, It is very important to me that all my family is aware of the great amount of love I have for all of you
    Many hugs and lots of love,
    Mom,grandma and friend


  7. This is truly such a sweet sweet tribute to your hubby:) Love all the pictures. Thank God for dads that are such a big part of their daughters lives- it is such a gift! Much love to you and your wonderful family:)


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