Weekly Photo Challenge: Worn

This might surprise you, but I’m not a big fan of vintage photographs.

Despite every intention of my mother, I did not share her love of antiques either. I don’t know why, but I love modern. I love new. I love innovation.

Maybe, I just love the future and the possibilities; new ideas, inventions, and progress.

Because of those reasons, this is why I chose these photos for the weekly challenge. It was a challenge for me to re-create an old setting to capture a few photos that look (and feel) worn even though they were taken in 2011.

These photos make me appreciate the fineness of age, and the timelessness of our past.

These were shot on an 1800’s farm in Texas.

Vintage Shoot

Vintage Shoot

Vintage Shoot

23 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Worn

  1. The third photo down is my favorite! Oh, and it looks like Jason had a wonderful Father’s Day!!
    If you want some great tips on photography, check out the blog of Mari Sterling Wilbur. You’ll find a link on my blog.



  2. Very authentic for someone who doesn’t like Antique 🙂 Beautiful pictures.
    I know you through your blog for 2 years I think, and your photographic skills are so great. Thanks for sharing it every time.


  3. Love them. I have my favorites.

    The one of Bridget turning around. And the one of Bridget and Molly, where Bridget is sitting and looking at the camera and Molly is look to her right.

    These are so sweet. If you were to print them and leave them out (not put them in an album or anything) and wait a few years, people that come upon them wouldn’t know they were from 2011. The shoes might be a give away, or Bridget’s cell phone poking out from behind her. (Just kidding — about the phone)


  4. Angelia,

    These photographs are fantastic! You’ve done a great job of capturing that “old” feel and some of those poses look like they were plucked right out of history. Very nice job. I love your eye for composition.



  5. Goodness you have some models in training there! Beautiful beautiful girls. And those dresses are precious! I must say that I am pretty much the opposite of you in the old pictures/antiques thing. I love everything old. Thinking about what it has seen, been through, getting to touch a bit of history – something that someone else cherished 80 or 100 years ago… I love old things. I think I might feel a post coming on…


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