Shooting RAW in CS5: What I learned in Photoshop Class

I took beginner Photoshop at the start of April. My CS5 was a gift from Christmas and I had not even cracked the box open. MY ADD and HIC (head-in-clouds), a much too strong of a contender, to learn anything from a book or videos. So, I took the class and learned the basics.

My aversion to CS5 and the “art”, and the “creativity”, suddenly had a completely different perspective.

It was a whole new world opening up for me. So much so, I signed up for the next set of classes taking Advanced Photoshop. I am happy to say, it was just as hard, and I learned just as much.

I am FAR from an expert in Photoshop, but I am now a believer. Yes, I want to shoot pictures and have that “perfect” shot, but I also love to play and create.

We learned RAW and I took my first photographs using RAW.

Then? I created.

Then? We learned HDR and panoramic (also shot in RAW).

Then? I learned and I created.

But rather than talk about my new-found love, I will show you my first images, shot and edited in RAW, then tweaked in Photoshop. I will show you why I get so wrapped up in the world beyond SOOC and how I lose my time to editing.

Photo By Lindsey MIller

This original photo of glass jars was taken by my instructor Lindsey. It was only two glass jars and they were blue. We made a collage in class, then I added edits to it. I just love how effects made it turn out to look like a reflection.

HDR Cowboys Stadium at Sunset

HDR photograph of the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. You take three photos and merge them into one for the perfect exposure.

B&W Panoramic of the Rangers BallPark and Six Flags

My first panoramic shot. I could tinker with this one some more, but love the perspective.

Rangers Stadium and Six Flags

One of my favorites, the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington with Six Flags over Texas next to it. You can hear the screams from here. This was taken at twilight.

HDR from the Park Pillars

This last photo is also HDR with the detail pumped up and probably what most of you are used to seeing HDR looks like. I am not a huge fan of the HDR-ish photos, but love the texture of this one.

So there you have it, from RAW to rich, and a newly turned fan of CS5.

It’s stunning what you can do when you open your mind to the limitless possibilities.

17 thoughts on “Shooting RAW in CS5: What I learned in Photoshop Class

  1. We have RAW in Nia too. 🙂

    I feel I am missing something though. What IS RAW? And what is SOCC? I know every profession has its acronyms. But I don’t know what these are.

    Photoshop can do amazing things. That is why I never “believe” a picture anymore. 🙂 It is great that you learned how to do stuff and now you can play and practice. Yay!


    1. Terre-Ah, thanks! I know it sound greek to me too! Sorry to not explain better, I was in a giant hurry this morning.

      RAW in digital cameras is equivalent to a negative. You develop the picture (digital negative) in Photoshop. JPG is what most people shoot and that means it’s already developed in the camera and ready to go. No processing needed unless you want to.

      SOCC just means it’s straight out of the camera with no re-touching (a jpg file).

      I understand how it’s hard to believe photos nowdays. To me, it is not making a believable or non-believable photo, but creating art that is nice to look at. Something I discovered I enjoy, even though I don’t think I’m an artsy person.



      1. XOXO! Thank you so much for explaining RAW and SOCC. VERY interesting. I never new you could have a RAW picture with a digital camera.

        I love that art can be created with photos in programs like photoshop. And when pictures are identified as art via photoshop that is cool. I am so excited for you that you discovered something you enjoy. AWESOME. We should all be so blessed.

        HUGS to you and you family furry and non-furry alike!


  2. Momma Diddy

    I have been peeping most of your pictures on your facebook page…

    Argh… Its not only beautiful but awesome as well! I wished I had the chance to pick up these skills soon 😛 Keep them going ya…


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  4. coni

    Is there any way to get a huge print of one of your shots of the stadium or the ballpark? My boss and I are looking for something to hang over the fireplace in our apartment model for work. We love your stuff and are very interested in purchasing something… please email us back at or call 817-261-5595 if you are able to do something for us.

    Thanks so much!


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