To Catch a Smile

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight. ~Phyllis Diller

Smiling. One of my favorite things to do. It falls right behind laughing (or before) (or in-between). It’s just there and yes, it does set everything straight.

Life has been so harried these last few months. Between the wreck, the off-schedules, and endless classes. And let’s not forget my job. Busier and more demanding than ever. You’d think after 20+ years and the advance of so much technology in travel that it would be easier. Not so. Business travelers are more particular than ever. Reporting and tracking are more specific than ever, and honestly, most days I just feel like the travel police.

“You can’t book that hotel because the price is out of policy. Oh, that is not one of your company’s preferred airlines. Business class? I’m sorry that is not allowed unless approved by the CFO….”

Can you see what I mean? Some days it’s a real challenge to find a smile within. Some days the smiles are few and far between.

And that’s why I love having pictures that set it all straight.

The days when I really, truly need a big smile. All I have to do is dig through my photography class homework or outings and events. And there they are.

Smiles in all their glory.

Handsome Hubby
My handsome husband helping me with my Light & Lighting II homework. We were working on portrait posing. I took this in front of the garage.

The youngest

My youngest step-daughter who loves to model. We were working on the same homework with the same back-drop. I get so tickled at her smile. She is such a poser.

My co-worker, friend, and mom-to-be. We had a baby shower at my house for her. It’s her first and the baby will be named Ava. I am particularly fond of A names. Heh.

Jessica with Balloons

One of my co-worker’s daughters. She got to take all the baby shower balloons home with her. Nothing like a kid with a bunch of balloons.

Balloon Girl
Isn’t that any kid’s dream?

Things I have to smile about today

    *In one week, I will be in California on vacation.

    *Getting Sydney transferred and registered for her senior year.

    *Jason getting cleared from physical therapy after four months of work on his back from the accident.

    *Having two photography classes left until I qualify for my certification.

    *Getting a deep tissue massage in about an hour.

So tell me…..

Where is your smile?

Is it hiding?

Is it buried?

Is it just peeking through?

Smile and show us your happy face.

Set it all straight with a curve.

Happy weekend everyone!

13 thoughts on “To Catch a Smile

  1. Great post. I am a natural laughing person. I can smile/laugh about so many things. I think I am born with it because when I was little, my parents (who did not give much compliments, Dutch people don’t in general), told me I was their sunshine in the house (we were with 7 children). And still, I love to see humor in life. When people in the streets smile to me as a greeting, I always smile back and feel happy then. This country is great in giving smiles.

    You too have a wonderful and restful weekend. I envy you for your deep tissue massage 🙂


  2. So many great things about smiles, but one of the BEST is the more you give one away the MORE you get back. They multiply!!!!

    YOU make me smile. I am sooooooo happy to see you on the internet still. I was very sad when you said you were going to take a break and go “dark”. I would have missed you. Far away that you are, not having ever met face-to-face, you are my friend and I would have missed you since this is our only contact. Glad you didn’t do it.

    Pictures are so great to remind and create smiles.

    And “YAY!” for all the things you have to smile about. XOXOXOXOX

    (PS I posted the actual Banana Oatmeal Walnut Cookie recipe!)


  3. Oh smiles 🙂 Sometimes you have to probe a little, but there’s bound to be some lurking beneath the surface!! Congrats on having two classes in your photography course! That’s wonderful!


  4. Guess what? That post made me smile! And your Hubs is a very good-looking man! I’ll try to send you a recent photo of my smiling Hubs via e-mail!

    By the way, your photography makes me smile every day, because I made a copy of one of your “bluebonnets” photos and have it posted by my computer, to remind me of the beauty of Texas!


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