San Diego’s Ocean Beach

Initially, I thought I would take my vacation photographs in bite-sized pieces.

I would share with you step-by-step our progressive trip through Southern California.

But instead of showing you our first stop (Dana Point, CA), I am showing my second. Because really?

This is it. The beach from the summer I turned thirteen. This is where my obsession (and yearning) for California was born. My escape. My paradise.

I am so glad we found it. I am so glad it was a real place.

After so long, I just wasn’t sure.

Ocean Beach Pier Entrance

Sun Rays over Ocean Beach Pier.

Pink sun rays off the Ocean Beach Pier.

We landed here for our first sunset of our trip and the first sight of surfers and dolphins.

Dolphin sighting.

It was pretty dim when I took the last few photos of surfers. They are hard-core riding to the very last drop of sunshine.

The clouds part, the rays disappear, and the sun melts into the Pacific Ocean.

Pier Sunset at Ocean Beach.

We watch.

Ocean Beach at Sunset


The sinking sun into the Pacific,\.

It was a very moving display of color and light as the evening tide reached up to embrace the sun in its last good-bye for the day.

Jason standing at Water's Edge

We lingered in the glow until we headed back to the hotel. The beach was a little chilly after sunset. Not quite the 100 degrees we were used to. The cool was a welcome friend.

So far, our trip was pretty amazing.

Of course, this is just the beginning…………stay tuned!

Ocean Beach Pier, California 2011

Adding this to You Capture as best summer sunset.

28 thoughts on “San Diego’s Ocean Beach

  1. OHMYGAWD!!!!! These are so fabulous. I love them. Took. My. Breath. AWAY! Whew!

    (Panting a little bit. REALLY, took my breath away, Girl!)

    Lived in California all my life, I have never been to Ocean Beach. So thanks for taking me there.

    So glad it was all that you held in your memory, in your heart. Can’t wait to hear more about it and see more! XOXOXOXO


  2. Gorgeous! I love the one with the light shining directly above the pier. I can see why you never forgot it : ) And it’s true, a surfer will stay in the water till they can’t see it. Kind of like a kid who won’t sleep because they might miss something!


  3. I love all of the pier photos! I’ve always been a sucker for water sunsets. Seeing them reminds me of my childhood growing up on the Lake Erie coast… except we didn’t have a giant pier, dolphins or surfers there 😉


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  5. WEEEEEE! Love the atmosphere and unique charm of Ocean Beach!!! And the silhouettes, it so easy to catch it there. We have the same opening pic. 😀 Me needs to go to Dana Point. I’m itching curious about that place.


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