Car Swap

It’s been (almost) five months since the worst car accident I have ever experienced, never mind that I wasn’t even in it.

I’m thankful for the last five months. I am thankful the scars are not as pink. And I am thankful the physical therapies, the tests, and the lawsuits are at their end.

It’s been a long road. A road of patience, and perseverance, but we did it.

We survived the aftermath and the after of the after math.

Since Jason’s precious Jeep was totaled back in April, he has been car-less. He has been in Jeep mourning day after day. The Jeep was/is his dream car. He still gets the Jeep magazine and holds on to it for dear life. But, as hard as it is, not having the Jeep, it has also been a huge blessing. For one, I don’t have to worry about it rolling with all the children inside. For two, one less car payment. You could say blessings both physically and emotionally (for me anyway).

What is not easier is having only ONE car between two adults that work full-time. Not only full-time, but also a good twenty-miles apart, and with a custody arrangement to contend with.

We have managed ……..for FIVE long months.

Some days, I take him to work and pick him up. He is usually at his office from 8:30am-7:00pm. Other days, the days he picks the girls up from daycare, he takes me to work and picks me up. Sometimes, I get a ride home from co-worker. Other days, I wait at the office until 7:30pm when he picks me up after he drops the girls off. On those days, I am at the office from 9:00am-7:30pm.

When Jason takes me to work, he drives over 80 miles in one day, just to drop me off, and pick me up.

In ONE day.

Every weekend plan involves who needs the car and who can do without a car. Usually, we all go, or don’t go.

But we have done it……and I am extremely proud.

I don’t think a lot of families could make the sacrifices we have; to save money, stress, and some environment pollution.

Truth is…there was some talk at my job about sending everyone in the office to work from home. About half did get sent home, the other half (all four of us), still work in the office, and possibly plans have changed about us working from home.

Who knows? Apparently, it’s not something I can bank on.

Having one car and me working from home is not a big deal. But one car and Jason driving 80 miles in one day is.

So after five months, we are going car shopping.

Yes, finally.

It won’t be a dream car, but it will be an enormous relief.

I will be glad to be able to go to/from work without waiting. And planning weekend activities independently (if we need to).

I will miss our morning commutes together. I will also miss our impromptu dates, because of traffic (wink,wink), to eat at our favorite places for dinner.

I will miss ALL those things, but really, I am just glad to have more time at home.

I think it is worth every penny.

So wish us luck as we car shop, and end the swap.

And don’t worry, we have plenty of time for dream cars. I promise honey!

12 thoughts on “Car Swap

  1. It is admirable and enviable that you and your ex(that seem’s correct, right?) are able to work together like this. Bless you both. I went through 3 years of manufactured sexual assault charges for my little daughter. Wasn’t no fun.


    1. Carl-That’s awful. 😦 What a horrible thing to go through. No, this was me and my husband that shared a car. My ex lives 900 miles away, but he his ex lives here with his two daughters. He has weekday visitation with his girls Tuesday and Thursday nights from 5pm-7pm. On those days, he had to have the car and every other Friday when they spend the weekend with us.


  2. Good luck!!!
    We are down to one car too but thankfully (well to an extent) I am currently not working. But with all the doctor’s appointments i have it’s hard to juggle gettng the husband to work then me to here and child to there. It’s tough.
    I wish you the best on the hunting


  3. I do not like not having a car. I feel so trapped. I can’t imagine not having a car and having to deal with so many schedules. YAY you. As you have stated there are/were pros and cons. You did it (YAY!) but now it is time to move on (YAY!). Good luck car shopping NOT a fun chore unless money is no object, so, like I said, not a fun chore.



  4. There were a few times I felt trapped and really down because I was stuck (usually after a stressful day at work, then being stuck at SAID stressful place). Money is definitely an object, especially when your husband pays over $1700.00 a mo child support, does not get to claim the girls on his income tax (not even ONE), AND still pays income tax on the child support he pays. Yes, definitely an object. Not to mention that my ex DOESN’T pay child support (supposed to). Ahhh, the divorce damages, it’s ugly.


  5. I feel your pain. Even though I am not working, I still like having a car at my convenience to do what I want when I want to. Right now #3 has moved back home and her AC is out in her car so it has been WAY too hot to drive her car. She has been driving mine and let me tell you… I feel so trapped some days. I know I have her car here but I really don’t want to take it out when it’s hot. I know. I should just quit whining and get over myself! You have been very patient!


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