A Day in the Life – Fort Worth Zoo

I know I have a post in the works for the San Diego Zoo, and this is not the San Diego Zoo, but the zoo in Fort Worth, Texas.

I did visit the San Diego Zoo on my California vacation, and it was amazing. But, I must tell you, visiting the San Diego Zoo only reinforced the fact that the Fort Worth Zoo is a contender for one of the BEST. There, I said it.

And I thought it while I was there.

And maybe, it’s just pride for the city I have worked in all my life.

Or maybe, I had an easier time photographing the animals.

I’m not knocking San Diego Zoo. It IS spectacular. And they have bears. Polar, and Panda, and Koala – oh my!

Just sayin’ Fort Worth Zoo is pretty darn cool too.

Take a look at my past trip, and see if you agree.

Fort Worth Zoo Bear

Fort Worth Zoo Zebras

Meerkat at the Fort Worth zoo

African Giraffe Fort Worth Zoo

Parakeet at the Fort Worth Zoo

My last visit to the Fort Worth Zoo was in May, Mother’s Day, for a Wildlife Photography class.

I took my daughter, since it was Mother’s Day, and we spent the day with the animals.

Monkey at the Fort Worth Zoo

Cheetah at the Fort Worth Zoo

I loved practicing what I learned in photography class.

Like shooting through the glass.

Aquarium at the Fort Worth Zoo

Alligator at the Fort Worth Zoo

Alligator Eye at the Fort Worth zoo

Or Fences….

Jaguar at the Fort Worth Zoo

Parakeet Fort Worth Zoo

Bald Eagle at the Fort Worth Zoo

Getting profiles…..

Cheetah Fort Worth Zoo

Gorilla at the Fort Worth Zoo

African Deer Fort Worth Zoo

Or full face in your face,

Hippo eating lunch at the Fort Worth Zoo

Sometimes, it takes great patience to get the shot you want. Animals move and change quite often. That’s why I love going by the same area more than once, I can, usually, get something completely different each time.

We watched this Falcon wake up. He had ruffled feathers and only one eye open. He was honestly pretty ugly. For a few minutes, I thought he was sick, but in an instant, he changed to fierce.

Fort Worth Zoo Falcon

I hit the shutter at just the right moment and got this shot.

He looks so slick!

With prompting from one of my UTA Cont. Ed class teachers, I entered into the Fort Worth Zoo Photo Contest.

The hardest part was picking the five photos to enter. But I did it. And I didn’t think I would win. For one, all the entries were really great. Some mind-boggling good. I was just glad I had the courage to enter my first photo contest.

The winners were announced Friday.

My photo won 3rd Place in the Bird Category.

It is now featured on their website and their Facebook Fan Page.

I am so proud, happy, and honored. There were hundreds of entries. I’m glad my patience (and practice) paid off.

If you are near Fort Worth, Texas and haven’t visited the zoo.




I’d like to see your photos and hear what you think.

Is it one of the best zoos?


21 thoughts on “A Day in the Life – Fort Worth Zoo

    1. That dude moves SOOOO fast. It is HARD to catch him – at least for me. He is a gorgeous animal. Pics don’t do him justice. I do have to admit, the cheetah pen scared me more than his. The cheetahs have no fence. I am not sure why they don’t just jump out the viewing area. HA! And Thank you! Thank you!


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  2. Congrats congrats congrats! You absolutely deserve it. I really love your photos and you have some really stunning ones here. 🙂 I love going to the zoo! I’ve only been the Oregon Zoo in Portland (although my mom claims she took me to the one in Seattle when I was 3…but I have zero memories of that so it didn’t happen!) but it’s so much fun. Zoos makes me kinda sad but a lot of the animals at the Oregon Zoo are injured or rehabilitating so they wouldn’t be able to live in the wild. Anyways, not trying to write a novel of a comment but I’m so happy for you! 🙂


    1. You know what? I’ve been to the Oregon Zoo too! My daughter was five months old and they had just opened the penguin exhibit. It was a GREAT zoo! And I do know what you mean, but I guarantee you, the animals are more cared for and spoiled than anywhere else. Maybe it’s like an animals dream. They don’t have to work. They just lay around all day. No clicks. Man! I wish I had that life. HA! And thank-you so much! I treasure your friendships and support.


  3. Wow, these are coffee table picture book perfect. I was at this zoo for a day summer of 1985. The pandas from China were there. The only thing that China produces that is not shoddy crap. No big deal. Pretty lazy and oblivious to it all. Now an otter and the seals-there’s some real showmen for ya !


  4. OK, these are seriously amazing!! Where is the tutorial? 😉 You could totally convince me that you were in the wild with the animals instead of a zoo with walls and windows. And your timing is awesome… everything is always sleeping for me! Haha!! Congratulations on the award, too!!


  5. Holy Scat! These are AWESOME. I thought I was on National Geographic’s webpage.

    These are so clear. I am so impressed with the picture through glass. And that alligator or crocodile photo confused me for a moment. Then I figured it out.

    These are awesome. Well deserving of awards and winning contests! Yay you!

    I applaud you and your photos. Keep doing what you love doing!


  6. First of all, great photos! Congratulations on your win!
    The San Diego Zoo, although lovely, kicked our butts as we pushed our daughters in strollers up and down the hills. That was a few years ago; they would have to walk it on their own now. We visited during one of the windiest days in history, which made for some interesting panda play time. They were unusually active.


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