Cutting Loose at the Palace

Well, the AMC Palace that is; a movie theater in downtown Fort Worth.

And we didn’t quite cut loose, but we did watch Footloose.

I just love this place. It is located next to the very popular Sundance Square. It has an old style that reflects an antique movie experience.

From the decorations.

To the flooring.

To the incredible statues that grace the entrance.

I feel like I stepped back in time.

And then there is the popcorn. Of course, we stopped at the concession stand.

See, I have this problem, it’s called popcorn.

The day I can go the movie and NOT get popcorn is the day I lose 60lbs!

I swear I can’t watch a movie without it. I think it’s a sickness. Mmmmmm!

Jason usually gets a hotdog, but not me, give me my popcorn, and I’m happy.

We watched Footloose. The 2011 Footloose. I must admit when they mentioned a remake….I was appalled. How DARE they! You can’t replace KEVIN BACON!! And while I absolutely was not a huge fan of the lead guy, I did think he was an incredible dancer. But more than that, I absolutely loved the guy that played the part of his friend. You know the one that learns how to dance? Hilarious! And he was really good too. Then we had Dennis Quaid as the reverend? Ahhh!! Perfect!

Dancing with Stars lead Julianne Hough did a great job. She is a knock-out! Those blue eyes are stunning.

It was really fun taking Sydney to see a movie that was popular when I was in junior high. Has it really been that long? They played all the same songs with a bit of modern flair. They were just as catchy, and actually pretty good.

So we cut loose in the Palace and perused downtown Fort Worth. It was a very good day!

I have to remember to FALL back tonight. I really don’t like falling back. It’s not an extra hour, it’s extra dark. And dark does not make me peppy. Sunlight makes me peppy. I guess I’ll have to get out at lunch to soak up rays until Spring (because other than lunch I won’t see the sun on workdays).

Hope you all are having a fantastic weekend!

12 thoughts on “Cutting Loose at the Palace

  1. Wow. I would so love to see an old time movie theater like that. And I’m glad you gave me the scoop on Footloose. I felt the same as you. Kevin Bacon will always be footloose to me.


  2. Ahhhh Footloose!!!!!! Did you know my boyfriend (Blake Shelton of course) remade the song too!?!?! Oh he NAILED it!!!! 🙂 I’m with you on the popcorn/movie thing…but the damn prices of popcorn is just insane!!!I I can’t remember the last time I got any while at the theater!!! Home, that’s a different story!


  3. These were great pictures. I love good movie theaters (and the mandatory popcorn)! I too wondered how they could remake footloose – it feels like it was just made but I guess this was for a new generation. Thanks for sharing your review – maybe I’ll catch it at the discount theater.


  4. I’ve been on the fence about seeing the remake, but I’m thinking I’ll wait for the DVD or On Demand release… I also feel like Kevin Bacon’s original performance couldn’t ever be duplicated. He and his brother were on a talk show recently and when asked if he was going to see it, he said “probably not”. Can’t say I blame him, really.

    What a gorgeous theater. We have 2 in town that are slowly being restored. I just hope they can do the “glory days” justice.


  5. I love fall back because I am such a night person I NEED it to get dark early so that I can get to bed in the same day that I wake up in.

    This theater looks so fun. I might actually go to the movies! Glad to hear that even though you are loyal to the original Footloose you enjoyed the re-make!


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