Cup Cakery Goodness

Sometimes I dream about cupcakes. I dream there are cupcakes that are sweet and yummy. They are just moist enough, and not too dry. They have fluffy icing and not the hard crusty stuff.

They are fresh and, oh so, delectable.

I dream of these kinds of cupcakes, but I never find them. I got to the store and they are stored in the plastic container half-dried out. Or they are in cellophane packages sitting on the shelf for WHO KNOWS how long.

But always, ALWAYS these cupcakes disappoint; store-bought, and not worth a penny of the price I paid.

Grocery store cupcakes are not a substitute for the real thing. I have to remind myself of that, because I always fall for the “look” when it’s really the taste I want.

I just want a cupcake that tastes like a good CUPCAKE should.

I am not picky or anything.

Imagine my delight when I happened upon this place in downtown Fort Worth – The Cupcakery.


Leaps of joy.

And hope.

Pure hope that, maybe (just maybe!), I had finally found the holy grail of CUPCAKES.


Right here at this place.

I broke a sweat looking at each case, and each cupcake offered.

Debating my choices, I poured over the signs as if I was studying for a test.

I debated on which one.

I anguished over this vital decision.

In the end, I played eeniemeenieminniemoe with my palate.

And came up with something new to try. Instead of getting chocolate, or vanilla, I stepped out of my box.

I got a Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcake.

That’s right. With chocolate chips on top.

This is huge for me. I only like peanut butter in the Reese’s kind of way. I am super picky about that. But a CHOCOLATE peanut butter cupcake? I just had to try it.

Oh Mama! It was good!

The chocolate cake part was very rich, and the peanut butter icing went down smooth. It was perfectly moist. It was just the right size, and yet??

Something was missing. Maybe, it’s because I couldn’t eat half the icing? Or maybe, it was just a tad too rich? I can’t pin down exactly what it was. Delicious cupcake, but not quite right (should have gone with chocolate or vanilla!).

Hey, can’t blame a girl for trying.

I still have not found my dream cupcake – close – sooo close!

I’m still on the prowl, and I am not giving up. I am determined to find “the one!”

Looks like another trip to The Cupcakery. I am so glad I took pictures!

18 thoughts on “Cup Cakery Goodness

  1. Keep working on it; it’ll manifest sooner or later. Ugh! Gonna be in Dallas for Thanksgiving. Now I MUST visit this place. Thanks a lot!?! Even the icing looks fresh! (Great pics!).


  2. boy, are you a cupcake snob or what!?!?! LOL I’m so thankful I don’t have that quest in my life, to find THE perfect cupcake! Whew! Talk about yarn, and that’s a whole other ball game!!!


  3. Good luck with your search. All I can say is that the search for the perfect baked good should never end. Donuts, cupcakes, cake, pastries, I love them all, but you’re right about something maybe being too rich to enjoy.


  4. Your pics are making me hungry! I got a cupcake this weekend that was delicious! I got it from a place called Angela’s Cupcakery. I think it was extra good because anyone with that name must be awesome.


  5. They had a lot of choices. I’m sure you will find your dream cupcake in there somewhere. This is how I am about all my baked goods though. I want them all moist. I don;t care for a dry anything, especially brownies.


  6. I love cupcakes – my problem comes with stopping at one. . .

    There is a really neat show on We TV that I watch occasionally, when my muse takes a leave of absence, called “The Cupcake Girls.” It’s a couple of friends who started their own business – a cupcake bakery – without knowing anything about business! It’s a sort of reality show, and is sometimes kinda fun to watch.


  7. I saw the title of your post and said – Stefanie, move on – do not stop and read – this will not be at all helpful for your weight watchers goals. And then – I did what I always do – I stopped…I read…I did not pass go and collect $200. I’m not sure whether “wow” or “OMG” expresses it better. All I know is that I have moved from longing to envy. In fact, I may even have reached coveting. Don’t think I will weigh in this week…


  8. I am ok with cupcakes. They are just little cakes. Like little cakes in a cup. Ha. I am not a HUGE fan of cake. It is ok. Some are better than others. I am sorry that you have not found the perfect cupcake for you.

    Next time you are in California more north than you were, you can try all the cupcakes places around here. There are a million it seems. I couldn’t tell you the best one because I don’t really eat cupcakes. I have sampled some minicupcakes that were pretty good but I can’t tell you where they were from. Good luck with your quest.


  9. One foot in the door and I would have been squealing right along with you! My ultimate would probably be yellow or white cake with white/vanilla frosting…. Simple, I know. It’s just the purist in me coming out I guess. LOL I think I’d have to keep going back and working my way through the menu, until I found THE ONE. :~)


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